Dash Repo Roundup Feb 26-Mar 5 2019


Dash Core Group
Chief Sock Advisor
Mar 11, 2017
Dash repo activity picked up again this week, not so much for the Hash Engineering repos except for some bug reports regarding the 6.40 release for Android. With the network anticipating Spork 15 as MNOs upgrade their wallets via the “protx” command to register their master nodes, more work is being done by DCG to get v14 ready for release candidate for testing and full release.

The pace has picked up again on the Dash repo, we have seen another pull request for the Bitcore v0.15 backport, it looked like PR6 might be the last one, but we are now on PR7, as DCG works toward upstream compatibility with Bitcore code. I am not sure how much compatibility DCG is looking for, Bitcore is on v0.17, a good question for DCG may be if they plan on following Bitcore all the way into SegWit compatibility, even if Dash doesn’t add a Lightning Network option, it may be important for keeping compatibility with LN network coins.

Evolution makes SegWit a moot feature for Dash, but there may be cases where we will want to interact with other coins that are using SegWit via Lightning Networks, and there are a few larg cap coins that have adopted SegWit.Mostly, this will be about the network keeping upstream compatibility, rather than using SegWit as a feature, but that is a question I would direct at DCG for their next quarterly call.

Other than that, work continues on LLMQs and Chain Locks (which depend on LLMQs) and a few bugs here and there, like a build from source fail for a development branch for v14. Dash Core Group continues to push hard to make sure that v14 is as ready as possible for Spork 15, which the Dash network is now expecting for the March superblock, as maternodes push toward the threshold of DIP3 registration required for the Spork. Masternodes have until March 8th to register their IPs to meet the Superblock threshold or we may see a delay in Spork 15, but progress has been very quick and we are moving quickly toward threshold.

If you are an MNO reading this, make sure you register your IP, once the spork is activated, unregistered masternodes will not be in the LLMQs to receive MN rewards, as the network will move toward the Proof of Service scoring system.
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