Dash Repo Roundup Feb 20-Feb 26 2019


Dash Core Group
Chief Sock Advisor
Mar 11, 2017
Another quiet week for the Dash & Hash Engineering repositories during this network transition to DIP3. With DIP3 activation set to happen in the next 24 hours, it is expected that repo activity will be light, probably thru Spork 15, barring any critical bug being found, which is not likely with all the testing of v13 that was done prior to release.

In this case, this is a good time for the Dash core devs to monitor the network upgrade. Stress tests should follow once DIP3 is fully activated on main net. Meanwhile, the Hash Engineering wallets showed another commit and merged a pull request on v6.40 for Android.

We will likely see an uptick in repo activity next week as v13 has DIP3 rolled out to the whole network and issues get reported. V13 was extensively tested with 13 or 14 release candidates, but the Dash hardfork looks to be far less dramatic than the upcoming hardfork for ETH on the 28th.
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