Dash Podcast 101 feat Lauren Murphy Co Founder & President of Alt36


Oct 27, 2017
Dash Address
There is something that puzzled me in this podcast. I already asked in the YT-comments, but no answer yet. So I'll ask here again:
So with Alt36 you can pay with Dash, but you don't need to. You can pay through Alt36 from your bank account to the dispensary's bank account. Can someone explain what the function of Dash is in the bank-to-bank transactions that alt36 will initiate? Is Dash only used as an immutable log for bank transactions? That seems a bit redundant to me, also it takes up space in the Dash blockchain that could have been used for actual Dash transactions.

Why does this bother me? Dash is focussed on being a payment method. That focus is its main strength. If Dash's blockchain is going to be used for other things such as an immutable log, that would weaken Dash as a payment method. I know it is already used to store canabis genome data, but I figure that is only a very small amount of data. Canabis B2C transactions will be many, if Dash is not used as a payment method but Dash's blockchain is used to store bank transactions, that may put quite a weight on the chain.

Did I misunderstand Lauren? I hope I did.
Thoughts? Comments?