Dash Nigeria: BizDev Dashmas present: Yellowcard.io integration now live

Nathaniel Luz

Aug 22, 2017
Dash Address
Merry Dashmas everyone directly from Nigeria!

As we are coming to the close of our first proposal period of November and December we’re now at the stage where we can, in collaboration with our partners, close and release the integrations we’ve been working on for the last couple of months.

One of which is [Yellowcard.io](https://beta.yellowcard.io/). Yellowcard offers Nigerians the opportunity to buy online redeemable codes to convert fiat into Dash at many retailers throughout Nigeria.

This is especially interesting in Africa where some people can only pay with cash because they have no bank accounts and thus cannot use traditional online exchanges.

Yellowcard is also currently working on rolling out credit card->Dash services and on expanding their services to 160.000 stores in 10 more african, 4 middle eastern countries and the U.S.

We also supported them with integrating [InstantSend] https://imgur.com/a/nM0IF1o in order to distinguish Dash from other coins on their platform and to give their customers the real Dash experience from second 1.2.

Over the last two months we’ve been focusing on establishing a solid liquidity and on boarding foundation for Dash so we can now, starting January, proceed with integrating Dash into high profile services like Taxify and Bitpesa.

As it stands today our next [proposal] https://www.dashcentral.org/p/DashNigeriaBizDevMerchantsJan-Feb2019 would not pass. We want to confidently encourage MNOs to give our team another look and support us making Nigeria the next major Dash growth market.