Dash Nation: A Place for Everyone to Succeed

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Jul 15, 2014
Dash Nation

Dash Nation is the home of Blue Hearts! It's a global community of financial freedom advocates who are dedicated to the belief that Dash is the future of money around the world. They also report on the latest news, updates and advancements of this cryptocurrency.

Founded in 2014 by Christopher Carruthers (known as Tao of Satoshi in all his social networks) Dash Nation offers a website that has undoubtedly been a revolution for the world of cryptocurrencies. It provides us with a community-focused platform and ways to access the different types of data and information related to Dash. It uses social networking as a strategic tool to show them to the public. Some examples of platforms used by Dash Nation are Discord (in which there are currently 9758 people in its chat), Facebook, Instagram, Reddit, Uptrennd, Twitter, among others...

Read more: https://www.dashnation.com/voices-of-dash-nation/dash-nation-a-place-for-everyone-to-succeed/

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