Dash Force September Budget Proposal - Update


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Aug 6, 2014
Since Dash Force made an important change to their budget proposal 2 months after creation and have not shared that change on this Dash.org/forum (i have not found any announcement of it in here) , i advice masternode owners who are unaware of this change to re-evaluate Dash Force budget proposal
to see if the change Dash Force made to their budget proposal still reflect masternode owners original support / vote.

The change that Dash Force put in their budget proposal 4th of october 2018, seems to make their budget proposal clash heads-on with another budget proposal that is currently seeking continued funding .

I also think Dash Watch should re-evaluate Dash Force revised budget proposal, as it currently does not show the change and in my opinion Dash Force is lacking in communication about this change with the Dash community.

Dash Central : https://www.dashcentral.org/p/DASH_FORCE_SEPTEMBER
Dash Watch : https://dashwatch.org/cards/491

Budget proposal that Dash Force conflicts with, due to the recent change in their budget proposal :

Dash Central : https://www.dashcentral.org/p/Dash-Nation-DFO-2018-2019
Dash Watch : does not exist yet
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Jul 15, 2014
Dash Nation
Thanks for bringing this to people's attention @qwizzie. I'm sure this will all be sorted soon. My team would appreciate the opportunity to continue our work to the high standards of Dash Nation. The change in this forum since we began our duties 5 months ago is self-evident.