Dash Force Launches New Merchant Adoption Focused Meetup Program

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May 26, 2014

I have decided to rework the meetup contest this month to focus on merchant adoption. The original contest will remain in place but I’m going to add two more main options. The first one is a basic once or twice a month meetup starter option, the second one is a more advanced meetup which will help jump start merchant adoption.

Basic Weekly/Monthly Meetup Program: .5 Dash

If you want to earn some Dash for hosting a small weekly/monthly meetup it’s easy. All you need is yourself and at least two new people. Host the meetup and give away $10 in Dash to everyone who attends and installs/has a Dash wallet. Then simply provide us with the location, time of the weekly/Monthly meetup and 2-3 pictures showing at least 2 people with a $10 transaction. The prize for this month is .5 Dash!
*Limit 2 per month, if you are going to be doing more than 2 a month I would encourage you to check out our other meetup options as they would be more suited to that situation.

Advanced Merchant Adoption meetup program: 2 Dash

For this meetup you will need to organize at least a 5 person meetup plus yourself. Then find a business willing to accept Dash and host your meetup there. You will give away $10 in Dash to the First 10 people who attend and setup wallets, then encouraged them to enjoy themselves and spend some of that Dash at the business you on-boarded.
If you have under 10 people attend you will win 2 Dash.
If you get 10 or more people to attend you will receive a .50 Dash bonus!
If you have more than 20 attend you will receive a 1 Dash bonus!

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