DASH for International Security Exhibition 2017


Mar 18, 2017

• Dash for general sponsorship of International Security Exhibition 2017. Focus must be on Dash as the most secure, fast and private way to make payments.

• Dash as a payment option to purchase security software from one of the largest providers - Axxon Soft

• Dash implementation into the first blockchain-based country- grade road security system - Smart Road

• All invoices will be public, ready for audition and published in our forum thread


· First time ever DASH is being used as an official payment method to purchase security software during the public contract signing. All of that will be covered by mass media.

· AxxonSoft starts accepting Dash and gives 15% off on their software.

· Smart Road system will use DASH as an exclusive cryptocurrency payment option.

Background of the idea

Since we have two security companies – ITX and AxxonSoft – as our partners, we are deeply involved in this sector. We've been talking about cryptocurrency to many experts and they are showing a grown interest. After our successful integration with restaurants, Axxon decided to implement the pay-by-crypto option too. What’s more, they've decided to move to blockchain-based surveillance system. Their first product - project Smart Road - will be presented for the first time during the exhibition!

So, as we now have so many options to use crypto, it seems wise to promote it on national level.


Smart Road – Smart Road is an SPV company (special purpose vehicle) specially created in order to implement the project of Automatic Photo- Video- fixation of traffic rules violation in Ukraine which is supposed to be developed on blockchain technology and with the possibility to pay the penalty by cryptocurrency.

Axxon Soft – a company with 10 years of experience in video surveillance and security systems.

Event Background

· 4 days long events

· More than 6,500 attendees

· 120 companies

· Representatives of 12 countries

· Interviews about Dash by top 5 Ukrainian TV channels (in DASH branded t-shirts)

· European certification of event

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The budget: Full description of sponsorship packages with photos can be found here and HERE

1) General sponsorship: 8,000 euro

· Dash is official sponsor and is listed on exhibition website

· Partner of mail delivery: A month before the exhibition, the Organizing Committee starts mailing invitations in a special envelope using registered databases of managers and

· Dash branding on entrance, catalog, flags, registration desk, guidebook, stickers, promotional stands

· Extensive media coverage during the exhibition about Dash

· Invitation cards placement

· Mention of General Sponsor in the press release of the exhibition.

· Placement of a welcome article on behalf of the CEO of General Sponsor. A volume of the article: up to 1,500 characters in Ukrainian language. We would like to write on the behalf of Ukrainian DASH representatives.

· Speech of the head of the company - General sponsor at the official opening of the exhibition. Duration of the performance: 2 - 3 min. We will announce DASH integration into Axxon company, Smart road and even restaurants.

2) Registration sponsorship: 5000 euro

· Announcements and press releases* in the news feed

· Promotion of the Sponsor on visitor's badges (circulation 10 000 copies) (Exclusive position. Logo on the front side.)

· Representation on scanners

· Exclusive position. Logo and status on 4 panels of the Visitors registration area (the size of the panels is 0.95 x 1.30 square meters)*

· Exclusive position. Representation of a special uniform* from the Sponsor for registration staff

3) Dash-branded café: 11,200 euro (promotion materials included):

· Exclusive option, available only for DASH

· 80 square meters

· full branding of the room (chairs, cups, pens, staff T-shirts, banners)

· dash accepted for payments

· qr-codes on cups for donating to DashCentral

· educational materials

· Stand with our community members to promote DASH among all international delegations

TOTAL: 24,200 Euro = 161+5 = 166 DASH (5 DASH reimbursement included)

IMPORTANT NOTICE - the budget needs to be provided before September 15, as it’s a deadline for all the arrangements for the conference.

*Development of layouts, production and delivery of materials, information for announcements and news are provided by our Team - Ukrainian DASH Community.

Team background:

Here’s all of the things we’ve delivered so far:

1. Launched daily news source on cryptocurrencies – http://fork.land/ (November 2016)

2. Launched a Ukrainian DASH community website – http://dash.com.ua/ (January 2017).

3. Launched an exchange – https://fork.sale/ (since March 2017)

4. Held Dash/blockchain-related conferences (blockchaintalks.com.ua):

- 2 meetups in Kiev at Hub 4.0 and at 1900Coworking

- conference in Zhytomyr on April 8th at Reikartz Zhytomyr

- conference in Vinnitsa on June 17th at Optima Vinnitsia

- conference in Kherson on July 22

- One more conference to come - in Ternopil on 19 of August.

5. Launched a video blog on cryptocurrency with 5 episodes published so far:

- first episode: mining and masternode

- second episode: what is blockchain and how does it work

- third episode: 5 steps for using cryptocurrency

- fourth episode: transactions in DASH – InstantSend & PrivateSend

- fifth episode: DASH’s DAO

6. Developed a solution for Dash and Bitcoin integration into retail business in Ukraine:

- partnerships with Profit Solutions (12 years of experience in software and hardware solutions for food service industry) and AxxonSoft (10 years of experience in video surveillance and security systems)

- universal technical solution for retail sector across Ukraine. Legal solution can be used in Ukraine and adjusted to CIS legislation because of its similarity.

- first restaurants to accept: Givi Rubenshteyn, Pasteteca and Celentano.


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