Dash Core Leadership Meeting Phoenix/ Arizona, 22–26 July, 2019

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Apr 9, 2014

Core Managers Present:
  • Ryan Taylor (CEO)
  • Bob Carroll (CTO)
  • Glenn Austin (CFO)
  • Elizabeth Robuck (Product Manager)
  • Fernando Gutierrez (CMO)
  • Robert Wiecko (COO)
  • Philipp Engelhorn (Communications)
On July 22nd, 2019 Dash Core Managers held the yearly Dash core management meeting in Phoenix, Arizona. Last meeting was held in 2018.


After research and consideration Phoenix, Arizona was found to be the most economical and convenient location as:

- 3 out of 7 Core Managers were currently residing in Arizona.

- Reasonably priced accommodation during the summer period.

- ASU office + conference rooms were freely available at no extra cost ??

Main focus areas discussed:

- Evolution delivery, progress and challenges

- General development, issues and progress

- Management challenges and progress

- Marketing ideas, possibilities for changing markets and future opportunities for Dash

- Evo launch ideas and plans

- DCG finances and plans for 2020

- Dash’s main focus areas (locations and sectors)

- Dash markets and community

- General market developments and discussions

- Risk Identification + Planning + Management

- Meetings with Alt36

All Core Members commented the meetings were successful. It was noted that our DAO would benefit (and should be mandatory) from holding an annual meeting to make management decisions, knowledge sharing and allignment, free discussions and brainstorming as well as general team building, to build relationships and strengthen morale.

DCG is planning more of these events for Managers and Developers, similar to the recent meetings held in Budapest / Hungary). DCG plan to report more frequently on meeting going forward.


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Sep 19, 2014
Might I suggest, quarterly?

Maybe a venue which does not exclude all but fellow left-fringe woke activists?
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