Dash Core Group Demonstrates DashPay Contacts and Notifications


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Jul 15, 2014
Dash Nation

The Dash Core Group held an information session today to show off the latest technology achieved by the team. In this second in the demonstration series, Dash Core Group CMO Fernando Gutierrez and Product Manager Brian Foster showed a live audience the contact list and notification features of the DashPay wallet.

They showed a contact request with notification to the receiver, an acceptance of the request with a notification to the sender, and another incoming contact request notification to the sender. As Brian Foster noted, this budding functionality is nothing new to social media tools. What is new, and potentially game-changing, is that all of this is being done on a decentralized network. These features are the basis of a completely new way of viewing finance, and it's our privilege to be here for its beginning...

Read more and watch the video: https://www.dashnation.com/news/dcg-demonstrates-contacts-notifications/

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