DASH budget information network (DBIN) - php and javascript dev wanted!


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Jun 19, 2014
Hey guys,

Dashwhale.org allows proposal owners to present and describe their proposals. Masternode owners can comment and discuss on a proposal, to form a common opinion. Multiple proposal descriptions and discussion on different websites leads to loss of information and should be avoided.

To counter this problem, we are happy to release the DBIN-API, to allow any website to integrate DASH proposal information and comments effortless. This gives a external website up-to-date, newsworthy content increasing retention of website users. Only when a user wants to post a comment, he is deeplinked to the respective Dashwhale comment section.

The API is ready to use. Check out this page for detailed description:

We want to distribute the proposal information to as many DASH related as well as unrelated websites (news sites, blogs, forums) or mobile apps as possible. This increases DASH public awareness in general and to some extend decentralizes the proposal information.

To facilitate adoption by other websites, we are looking for a php or javascript developer doing a easy to use "reference implementation" of the following:

1. Javascript widget
- display the DASH proposal list from the API
- show detailed proposal information in javascript/html window

Dev one-time appreciation: 15 DASH

2. PHP
- cronjob script: pull and cache API content in a local "database" (e.g. redis, memcached, mysql)
- display DASH proposal list from the API in a blank template
- link the single entries of the proposal list with a separate page displaying detailed proposal information (description and comments)

Dev one-time appreciation: 30 DASH

- commented, clean code
- modern look (well structured css for easy customization)
- push your code to the Dashwhale github repository (maybe also maintain it lateron)

I am taking the DASH for the tiny dev appreciation from the donations Dashwhale received for October (thanks to all supporters!).

If you are interested in one of the projects, please send me a message before doing the implementation. We don't want to waste anyones time on doing "double implementations". If you have any further ideas, please let me know!