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Jun 19, 2018
Bonjour Communauté Dash!

Je suis Vincenti Efoui de la région des Plateaux, au Togo. Je suis entré dans cette communauté grâce au programme de formation en ligne de Dash Hub Africa. Je suis un crypto-amant, un organisateur d'événements et un expert en affaires. J'ai tenu ma première rencontre qui a été financée par Dash force au mois de juin 2018.

After doing some research and consulting with my team members, on How we can achieve Massive Usage and Increased Merchants and Exchange for Dash In Togo and other French speaking West Africa countries. We decided to build the ecosystem in Togo alongside the marketing and continues Outreach. We believe by so doing the massive adoption will be easier to achieve since Businesses knowing the benefits they will get accepting Dash, will start to market DASH themselves with Dash Accepted here sticker. Again by creating the ecosystem alongside the marketing we give the people of Togo the need to use DASH in their day to day transactions and easy spending everywhere in Africa.


Togo is divided into five regions namely centrals, Kara, Maritime, Plateau and savenes with Lome been the capital city which is located in Maritime. Togo shares borders with Ghana, Burkina Faso and Benin Republic.

Togo is one of the countries where cryptocurrency has not being introduced to. This country is the home of over 7.606 million people and counted among poor nation due to economic mismanagement and poor governance and third party influence (Government and Banks).

Myself and my team have interviewed a number of small-scale businesses, large-scale businesses and market traders prior to this project and the responses revealed that most people do not banks due to a number of reasons which include lack of trust, difficulty in accessing funds, cumbersome procedures in opening accounts, and high interest charges on loans. Surprisingly, most Small and Medium Enterprises owners affirmed that they cannot trust banks with their savings due to hidden charges and unclear condition.

The introduction of Mobile Money has helped Unbanked and Underbanked people to transact but due to expensive Transaction rate this have discouraged people from using this service. The solution is DASH as its offer Low transaction fee, Instant transaction and Private features.

Executive Summary
This project brings tangible benefits by taking DASH directly to the people of Togo by educating them, Downloading Wallets, Increased daily Usage and Merchants/Vendors accepting DASH in our region.
Our specific aim is to increase market capitalisation of DASH by focusing efforts on under-served and niche markets more especially weak economy system where Cryptocurrency could serve greater purposes more especially in Business striving locations and Tourists area in Togo.

We intend to embark on this maiden project in the form of an expansion and Integration strategy to educate the general public including Business owners, Entrepreneurs, Youth, people trained in IT, Tertiary level students and others about DASH Digital Cash.

Also, We intend creating Dash awareness in the country through Media (Radio Presentation and Flyers/Pamphlet)

We want to grow up Dash ecosystem completely.
1. Dash Conference/Workshop (Theme: Dash Boost Expands the outreach of Dash in Togo)

2. Radio Discussion (Mass Media Awareness and Wallets Downloads).

3. 3days Intensive Ambassadorial Training using Amanda B. Johnson Video (Dash School) and Webinar Call at an Internet Café.

4. Vendor/Business Adoption Task (Hotel, Restaurants, Groceries shops, Salons, Gas Station, Fruit vendors) Accepting DASH in the country. Check www.discoverdash.com for some Merchants accepting DASH.

Report of this project such as videos, Images and set Milestone Achievements of this project will be posted on Dash Forum and Discord. DASH Tips will be given to participants who call in during Radio presentation and at the Conference for exhibition to teach participants on how fast DASH transaction are comparably to Bitcoin.

Also, we have to transact with DASH tips Buy Airtime and Recharge Mobile -All transactions will be published for accountability.
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Vincenti Efoui

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Jun 19, 2018
This project will be executed in 21days in the month of August 2018. Starting with maritime region Lome (Capital of Togo) for the Expansion project and then followed by the other regions

•Conference Center $250
•Materials at the Conference $95
•Refreshments and Snacks $350

3days Cyber Café Internet $60*3 = $180

Radio Discussion $150*2=$300

Transport and Logistics $70

Communication $30*3 =$90

Flyers/Pamphlets $0.40*500=$200

Video Recording $50

Editing $50

Give Away $5*100=$500

Contingency $80

Refund of Proposal Fee $260 (1 Dash)
US$ 2495

9.29~9.30 DASH
Dash Value @260.41

Je suis si heureux d'annoncer que grâce à notre tâche dévouée, l'équipe a obtenu un cybercafé pour nous offrir un service Internet gratuit pour notre prochaine formation d'ambassadeur de 3 jours. Ainsi, le montant total de la proposition a été réduit de 180 $.
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