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Dash awareness campain for students of high school and universities of latinamerica

Discussion in 'Pre + Budget Proposal Discussions' started by Coachdigi, Nov 15, 2017.

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    Jun 13, 2017
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    Who am I?
    Hello I´m Coach Digi, I´m an industrial engineer with a masters in marketing degree. Actually I´m a public highscool teacher and a college football coach. I live in Cancun, Mexico. The last months I´d been dooing Dash meetups for the Dash Force Contests. I named the meetups Dashtecas and where focused in students of highschools and universities of Cancun. I have done more than 5 meetups with more than 130 new Dash wallets downloads and 4 fast food establishments that accept Dash.
    I did this meetups so I could know more about Dash and their users (establishments and people). I began assisting to jza´s Dash meetups "Bitcuners" and he encouraged me to do the Dash Force meetup contest so I could do grassroots and the Dash community could know me before submiting a proprosal.

    The problem.

    Dash community is primarily represented by old generations members and Dash needs more younger generation members so they can represent Dash in different social networks.
    It´s easier to younger generations to understand Dash than older generations.

    What can Coach Digi do?

    I want to integrate and invite students from high school and universities to Dash communities.

    As a college football coach I have contact with the coaches of the most important universities in Mexico (more than 30 colleges with football teams) and as a math high school teacher I have communication with the younger students.

    Coach Digi Webinars

    I will do american football and athletic preparation webinars and will invite head coaches of different universities to be the speakers of the webinars, and they will be paid in Dash for doing them. This webinars will be recorded, edited and uploaded to our social media. My intention with this is to open the doors with universities so we can promote Dash EVOLUTION in the semesters of 2018. The webinars will have Dash branding, I will speak about Dash before the webinars begins and before the Q&A segment, inviting them to join our different Dash communities (Telegram, Dash Forum, Discord, etc). This webinars are not only for Mexico, other countries in Latinamérica and Spain has football teams and most of them see our videos and webinars.

    Speed is Cool Videos

    Coach Digi has developed an athletic preparation system named “Speed is Cool by Coach Digi”. In Speed is Cool we teach how to be more stronger,faster and agile.

    I´ll do videos of Speed fundamentals and drills and this videos will be uploaded at our social networks. This videos will have Dash branding in the beginning and in the end, also the uniform of the athletes and coaches will have Dash logo. Every day through monday to friday we will upload a video, so we will have a daily dose of Dash & Speed is Cool Video.

    Speed is Cool will teach how to do the fastest digital transactions and how to be fastest athlete on the field.

    Dashtecas Crypto and Math Club

    In the high school where I teach (CBTIS #111), I will do a Math & new technologies Club. The club will be on saturdays and we will use a room with 30 computers. We will have a diferent speaker doing presentations of different topics of Cryptoworld and new tecnólogies (They will be paid with Dash) also we will talk about what happened in the week with Dash. This club will also help the students who wants to study math using the Khan Academy platform www.khanacademy.org and don't have a computer or internet signal at home. Also some senior students will help other students with math and science homeworks and proyects.

    Deliverables and Budget.

    Webinars (example: ):
    -8 webinars in 8 weeks from December to February.
    -The webinars will be free to the people but they will have to register and send us a Dash wallet address and the first 20 people to attend the webinar will receive $10 USD in Dash.
    -8 Reports of the transaction with the Dash addresses that received the $10USD giveaway and the coach payment.

    Budget: 8 webinars x $800 = $6,400 USD = 16 D
    Digital Marketing = 100
    Coach payment = 200
    $10 USD giveaway= 200
    Production =300
    and postproduction
    total = 800 x webinar

    Speed is Cool Videos (Example:)
    1 daily video from monday to friday
    5 videos x 8 weeks = 40 videos

    Digital Mkt = $800
    Videos pre-production= $2,400
    Videos production = $5,200
    Video post-production= $4,400
    Total= $12,800 USD = 32 D

    Dashtecas Crypto and Math Club
    $400 x 4 Saturdays = $1,600. USD = 4 D
    Each saturday
    Classroom with 30 computers = $100 USD
    Speaker = $100 USD
    10 Senior students= $100 USD
    Coach Digi Dash Talk = $100USD
    Total $400

    100 Dash T- Shirts = $400 USD =1D
    80 Dash Caps = $ 400 USD = 1 D
    Total Budget = $21,000 USD = 54 D
    Dash proposal refund = 5 D

    Total 59 Dashes in one payment for 2 months (December and january)

    I think this is a perfect and diferent way to let the new generations know about Dash and prepare the road for Dash evolution lauchment.

    Thank you for your support, I'll be happy to respond any quiestions.

    STURDAY 18, we will have our first Dashtecas crypto club meeting. I will post pictures
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  2. Leogriz

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    Aug 22, 2017
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    Hello coach digi, I think your idea is very good, it is well known that in this cryptoworld an excellent marketing strategy is to reach the youngest.
    One question .. In what way can the webinars of "futball amaricano" be integrated in Latin countries that do not practice this sport?
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  3. Coachdigi

    Coachdigi Member

    Jun 13, 2017
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    Speed is Cool system is for all sports, not only "American Football". Tems of Basketball, futbol "Soccer", baseball, volleyball, even some highschools do Speed is Cool in their sports clases.
    So we will reach those countries with the daily Speed is Cool Videos.
    Thanks for asking.:)
  4. CharlesBell

    CharlesBell New Member

    May 8, 2020
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    How can students join your academic club? Need to improve math.