Dash Adoption in Venezuela Exceeds All Other Cryptocurrencies Combined

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Mark Mason

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Feb 24, 2017

Dash Adoption in Venezuela Exceeds All Other Cryptocurrencies Combined

Dash adoption in Venezuela has grown to critical mass, exceeding that of all other cryptocurrencies in the region combined.

As is listed prominently on merchant directory DiscoverDash, Dash has reached 541 and counting merchants in the country, nearly one third of the global total. This stands in stark contrast to other cryptocurrencies, many of whom have struggled to achieve mainstream success as a method of retail payment. According to Dash Merchant Venezuela business development head Alejandro Echeverría, this is due to a comprehensive on-the-ground presence by various Dash teams providing support and technical assistance:

“In Venezuela we have over 500 merchants that are accepting Dash, with Dash Merchant Venezuela having onboarded up to 80% of them. We know from the developer of the point-of-sale system that we are promoting that there a lot of transactions happening daily right now. Currently, we are doing monitoring that aims to track all the activity from merchants: if they have doubts, any technical problem, and to make a more friendly relationship with the Dash brand.”

Read more: https://www.dashforcenews.com/dash-...-exceeds-all-other-cryptocurrencies-combined/


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Jul 24, 2018
How possible could Dash be more popular than bitcoin in Venezuela. I was hoping to know the reason why Venezuelans so much prefer Dash to all other cryptos


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Jul 12, 2015
I've not been to a fist conference, but I'm interested:

"the fist conference taking place in September"

Jorge Saez

Dec 9, 2017
Venezuela, Trujillo.
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Good numbers for Venezuela and DASH will undoubtedly increase much more.

I was hoping to know the reason why Venezuelans so much prefer Dash to all other crypto
Apart from the feature of InstantSend, as well as the characteristics of DASH, this preference for DASH is due in large part to the work done by representatives of DASH initiatives, who through meetups, projects focused on specific sectors and Other educational and marketing strategies have revealed these benefits of DASH for the leverage of both established businesses and entrepreneurs, without a doubt, it is what has made the difference and what has made room for this adoption, which doubt will grow much more with the continuous projects and strategies that we will be developing based on this objective.

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