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Ace Stealman

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Feb 16, 2018
Hello guys, I am a DASH owner and I just want to know your opinions on recent situation (I am actually surprised that nobody cares much).

I am trading on eToro exchange which is kinda special as it also provides discussion forums for each commodity that is traded there.

I have noticed some interesting things - XRP / BTC / ETH forums are all full of people that actively talking about that coins - not all of their posts are relevant but that doesn´t matter - what does matter in my opinion is the fact that these people are interested in these coins, know about them and share any information they have. But what about DASH ? DASH forum is completely quiet with nobody posts anything .. I didnt noticed that at the beginning as I was mostly chatting in XRP forums but these days I have noticed and it made me concerned.

I love DASH, I love its background and what it is trying to achieve but I see some red flags that I dont know how to interpret to be honest

1. Worst recovery rate among all top coins, after that crash we were experienced in last weeks, some other coins are already at 70%+ of their ATH, most of them are somewhere around 60% of ATH but DASH is on 45%. I dont have DASH for short term profit but I am afraid that this slow recovery rate will push off lot of potential investors and adopters. People are watching for trends and now after that massive dip their minds are even more critical.

2. Lower rate of communication about DASH - this might be just another symptom of some serious underlying problem.

3. DASH´s recent fall off the top ten - I have used to read a lot about how great DASH is .. until this happened. It seems that 11. place is really bad spot to be and it could empower actual not-too-optimistic trend even more pushing DASH even lower in the area of shitcoins.

Maybe I am interpreting all that facts in a wrong manner but cryptoworld is evolving quickly and ignoring such facts might be the worst mistake we can do these days.

I dont know how to solve these aforementioned problems but what concerns me even more is the fact that noone else seems to be realizing that there IS something wrong :)


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Mar 9, 2014
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First off, welcome to the DASH Forum. Look around and say "Hi". If you want an engaging community...we all hang our hats in the DASH Nation Discord channel. Start there...you'll find a LOT of activity there.

I'm not going to comment on your "observations" as I think well...they a bit ridiculous. They imply that you have NOT done your home work on the vast superiority of DASH's eco-system and the massive stream of press and near daily substantial partnership announcements...this may be because you hanging out in eToro...possibly?

Regarding eToro...is not even listed in the top 100 exchanges that trade in DASH on CMC. In fact...I've been a very involved community member since Jan 2014 and I've never even heard of eToro. ;)

Its probably not best practice when first introducing yourself to a very successful community with highly educated investors to make the comments you have made above, which by the way are suspiciously "FUD" sounding, unless that was your intent.

In the spirit of community...I'll give you the benefit of the doubt.

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Jul 12, 2015
@Ace Stealman I would say, eToro is not your typical crypto audience, and tbh, we (the community) should be doing more about this, because reaching a non-crypto audience is actually our aim. In this regard, I think you're right.

But you have nothing to worry about, dash has good fundamentals; a battle-tested PoW chain and a hardcore group of users / developers that are in this for the long haul. I feel more secure holding value in dash than fiat. And that's all you need to know really.
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Ace Stealman

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Feb 16, 2018
Hello, thanx for your answers - I didnt want to spread FUD or negativity at all. I was just kinda worried with the fact, that DASH seems to be stationary after that crash while other competitors such as ETC / LTC are pretty active - not only in the matter of price but also their PR / fanbase is spreading lot of news and announcements. World of crypto doesnt seem to be fair and doesnt reward the best but the most aggressive inestad and once we fall asleep with mindset "We are the best" we can wake up later being in wrong spot without many possibilities to change it.

Users on eToro arent the best and most informed of crypto investors but hey .. as was said - these people are those we need to attract. Now it looks like PR of ETC / LTC / BCH is much much better and I hate to say it but in this world - marketing >>> quality :((

It is cool that we have lot of news in this forums but we need to be heard rather outside of it :) There were times when I read about DASH almost on daily basis wherever, and that changed in my opinion, maybe I am just biased but as a DASH fan I felt that I couldnt do anything wrong by pointing this feeling out.