Darksend Mixing - Which peers?


Jun 13, 2014
I have what may be a dumb question, but I cannot find the clear answer in the forums.

While running my darksend mixing, does it only attempt to mix between the peers I am connected to (approx 8 or 9 peers), or the whole network?
If the answer is "only the peers I am connected to", then shutting down and deleting the "peers" file seems like a good idea after 5 or 6 hours. Sometimes there is no one else mixing the same denominations so I get no mixing and thus my question.
So, again if the answer is "only the peers I am connected to" maybe it should be automatic. Like every 15 minutes disconnect from one (1) peer and get a new one. Just keep doing this recycling. Of course I do notice that they change once in a while... maybe this is already in the code.



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May 20, 2014
tl;dr; with whole network but it's a bit more complicated

Darksend mixing works smth like this:
1) In 2/3 of attempts to mix your wallet look if there any queue already on network and it tries to match denoms in queue and mix in that queue in case of success.
2) If that ^^^ fails for some reason wallet will try to connect to 1 of up to 10 random masternodes (that were not used lately) and submit new queue based on denoms it has. Queue contains only id and simple info about denoms (like "mixing 100s") - there is no info about who submitted it or what inputs were used to compile queue. Queue is relayed to the whole network. Then it will wait for ~2 minutes for someone to join this specific mixing (someone should find your queue by using step 1).