Check that a masternode is correctly configured in debug.log


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May 9, 2014
A few days ago I read somewhere in bitcointalk that one could use the debug.log file to check if everything was working ok. Appart of checking the IP when asking for the masternode list, you only needed to search for the masternode IP address, get the number next to it and then search for 'winner' + masternode-number. I did it and saw that my first masternode was working fine, but now I see that the structure of the information in debug.log is different, al least for me.

When I search for the IP address I only see three type of lines:
DATE - TIME - Sending master node entry - IP ADDRESS
DATE - TIME - send version message: version 70014, blocks=BLOCKNUMBER, us=MN-IP-ADDRESS:9999, them=ANOTHER-IP-ADDRESS:49204 (or some other port, sometimes 9999 too), peer=YET-ANOTHER-IP-ADDRESS:49204 (or some other port)
DATE - TIME - receive version message: /Satoshi: version 70014, blocks=BLOCKNUMBER, us=MN-IP-ADDRESS:9999, them=[SEQUENCE-OF-CHARACTERS-WITH-COLONS-INSIDE] or ANOTHER-IP-ADDRESS:9999, peer:ANOTHER-IP-ADDRESS:32196 (or some other port)
Can someone help me understand the entries? I believe that the fist one is just to review the masternode list and the other two are transactions in which the masternode is taking part in different roles, but would like to be sure and understand it completely.