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WTS Cheap Dedicated Server in Texas★Best Dedicated Server★ [Hostperl]

Discussion in 'MarketPlace' started by hostperl, Nov 6, 2018.

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    Feb 1, 2018
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    ★★ Cheap Dedicated Server in Texas ★★ Best Dedicated Server ★★ Dedicated Hosting ★★ [HOSTPERL]

    Buying a new server and configuring it, can be a big challenge. And knowing which hosting package you need can also be a daunting. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a team of experts which can advise of the best plan suited for your needs?

    We have knowledgeable team of representatives who can walk you through all of the available options and answer your questions or concerns. You can move forward with peace-of-mind knowing that you are making a wise choice for your home on the web. We love what we do and always try to provide the best to the people who have trusted.

    You can choose your server at economical rates...

    OPTION 1: Dedicated Server - Dual Intel Xeon 5150
    Cores: 2.5GHZ
    RAM: 8GB DDR2
    Hard Drive: 500GB
    IP ASSIGNMENTS: 5 Usable IPs
    Bandwidth: 100TB on 1Gbit Port
    Regular Price: $120/month
    Offer Price : $95/month
    Order Now

    OPTION 2: Dedicated Server - Dual Intel Xeon 5420
    Cores: 2.5GHz
    RAM: 8GB DDR2
    Hard Drive: 1TB SATA3
    IP ASSIGNMENTS: 5 Usable IPs
    Bandwidth: 100TB on 1Gbit Port
    Regular Price : $130/month
    Offer Price: $99/month
    Order Now

    OPTION 3: Dedicated Server -Dual Intel Xeon 5520
    Cores: 2.5 GHz
    RAM: 24GB DDR3 RAM
    Hard Drive: 2 TB SATA3 HDD
    IP ASSIGNMENTS: 5 usable IPs
    Bandwidth: 100TB on 1Gbit Port
    Regular Price:$150/mo
    Offer Price: $130/mo
    Order Now

    For more info please visit:- https://www.hostperl.com/

    HOSTPERL Web Hosting Solution

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