CATV | Nathaniel Luz - An Inspirational Crypto Leader for Nigerians


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Jul 15, 2014
Dash Nation
After having been pretty much ignored financially for an eternity, it seems that Africa may be in quite a position to take blockchain technology and run with it. The opportunities blockchain provides for the legions of African unbanked are numerous. The benefits of digital currencies such as Dash that will improve commerce and the quality of life for the African people cannot be ignored. As such, early blockchain adopters such as today's guest have made it a life's mission to teach their peers all about this potentially life-altering technology. In the case of today's guest, Nigerian Nathaniel Luz, it's a love of Dash and a belief that it is a better money that will lead to a better future for his people that drives him. He created a proposal called Dash Nigeria and submitted to Dash's Decentralized Autonomous Organization. It has received intermittent funding, and let me tell you, he's done the most with it. His passion for Dash also shows through by him authoring what may be the first hard copy book about the evolution of money with Dash as a major focus. Please enjoy the interview!