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Can Decentralization Be Measured in Dollars and Cents?

Discussion in 'Articles/News' started by thedesertlynx, Sep 30, 2018.

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    Sep 6, 2016
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    Can Decentralization Be Measured in Dollars and Cents?
    We often hear the line about the prime offering of cryptocurrency being decentralization and censorship resistance. This is all well and accurate, however many times this is mentioned without additional context or implications, as if it stands on its own. To the vast plurality of economic actors, it frankly doesn’t, at least without some further explanation. The average consumer, and business owner, only truly cares about one thing: keeping more of their money. Broadly speaking, no one cares how decentralized their money is, they just want more of it.​

    That is, of course, unless decentralized money actually does translate directly into having more. As it turns out, it does, oftentimes quite directly.