| A new P2P fiat to crypto exchange for the Greek and European market.


New Member
Feb 27, 2019
35 is a new p2p crypto to fiat exchange for the European market.

A valid SEPA bank account is all that is needed to create buy and sell offers for Dash.
Other members will see your offer and if interested will open a direct trade with you.

When initiating a trade, DASH will automatically be held in escrow.

The buyer will see the bank account details of the seller, where he must send make the payment, upload the receipt and mark it as paid.

Seller will confirm payment on his bank account and release the Dash from escrow.

In case of a dispute an arbitrator will intervene.

After a successful trade you can leave a positive or negative feedback to the other member where it will be visible to everyone.

Happy trading to whoever is interested on trying it out :)