Budget Proposal Discussion : Introducing a significant change of scope


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Aug 6, 2014
To all masternode owners :

I would like your opinion about multi-term budget proposals that introduce a significant change of scope in their budget proposal, while that budget proposal already passed the treshold a long time ago and as result of that change now directly compete with other budget proposals.

In my opinion there is an element of unfair competition here that needs to be discussed among masternode owners. What also needs to be discussed in my opinion, is if this invalidate the vote outcome of that multi-term proposal for that specific significant change in scope
(as it will be unclear if masternode owners voted for the original proposal text or for the significant change in scope).

Please discuss...
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May 29, 2017
I've already strongly indicated that I'm vehemently opposed to this kind of action and believe that such an action should be launched as its own separate proposal so that the will of the network can be accurately discerned and unfair/disingenuous leverage cannot be applied to its outcome.