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Feb 19, 2018
Good day, ladies and gentlemen.

I would like to introduce you our website BTCPLAYMANIA

Few words about: we are small team of experienced gamblers who enjoy all the benefits that bitcoin casinos can offer, but along with benefits such issues as dishonest websites occured. I personally was scammed few times by such websites and felt really bad about it. So me and my gambling friends after spending some time testing different bitcoin casinos compiled the list of only most trusted ones. This list was initially a MS Word file and intended to be shared among limited circle of persons, but after getting some positive feedback we decided to give it a little makeup and share it with other people online. We hope it will be helpful for anybody.

Why is it comfortable?
If you check out our website (link above) you can note that the way of list is presented is very comprehensive, features are displayed in well-organised manner. It is also mobile-friendly so you can browse top bitcoin casinos from any device. And another super-nice feature is you can filter the list by currency/game. And DASH is one of the currencies you can filter casinos by.

What casinos do we include?
Only most trusted and top quality bitcoin and altcoin casinos are listed. I mean it.
There are many other sites which are just fine. But we meticulously review every website and include to the list only those who have great community feedback on such reputable resources as Bitcointalk, AskGamblers etc. and of course we test them by ourselves. We understand that absolute perfection isn't reachable in our world and some issues can occur with any casino, but we also take into account how quickly casino's management react.

We have many plans on how to improve the website in future, so stay tuned. And any feedback is appreciated.

Wish you good luck and thanks for attention.
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