Blackjack & Dice Now Supports DASH! -- Invest or Play - 1% Edge


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Apr 12, 2015
1 now supports DASH!

  • Provably Fair
  • DICE and BlackJack
  • 2FA Protected
  • House Edge 1%
  • Max Bet over 140BTC
  • 1 confirm deposit
  • Instant Withdrawals
  • Auto Betting
  • Keyboard Betting
  • Mobile Friendly
  • Supported Currencies: BTC, LTC, DOGE, REDD, CLAM, AND NOW DASH
  • Rain Bot for active users
  • Active Chat, Private Messages and Tip options
  • Fast Support
Investing: Users who wish to contribute to the House Bankroll can do so by Investing. Every currency has its own investment option. You can choose from standard investing up to Kelly x10. This means you can only send 10% of your coins to the site and it will look as if it was the the full amount. Every Investment option has its risks so choose wisely. Investments and Divestments are instant

User Levels: Users gain Level by wagering. Every currency has its own independent level system The higher your level the higher the amount the user can gain from rains. Added benefit is bragging rights and a possibility to get chat moderation privileges at level 11.

Rain Bot: Users can send coins to the rain bot that will then distribute it to active user in the chat. The rain happens once every hour on random times. All currencies have their own rain and tip bots.

Upcoming Games: Soon Jackpot and Roulette will be added to the already existing games.

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