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Bitcoin Macroeconomics UFC Fight Predictions & Betting Tips

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by btcmacroecon, Aug 5, 2015.

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    Feb 27, 2015
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    Bet some DASH!!!!
    Take my advice....pay close attention.

    The purpose of this UFC Fight Predictions & Betting Tips is to establish a track record of fight predictions and the outcome. While the Puncher’s Chance can happen at any second it is also impossible to predict every outcome of every fight, but the intention is to show my Betting Tips, and the outcome based on the odds. Though I got Ruthless Robbie Lawler’s fight correct last week, I cannot add it now. So let’s start the predictions and the Bitcoin Macroeconomics Betting Tips today.

    Fight UFC 191 September 5th 2015

    Johnson vs Dodson

    Latest Odds

    No posted odds yet


    Johnson. These two fighters are super fast. Dodson can land bombs and this is MMA and Johnson is not immune from the one that lands. Both are very skilled in technique, both have stamina, and both have heart and both will go 110% til the very end. It’s just that I see the advantage going to the Johnson with his corner as his trainer is Matt Hume. This coaching goes back years and Hume has coached Mighty Might til this point. I will not be so bold as to call what round or by TKO or submission, but I will predict Demetrious “Mighty Might” Johnson the victor. Straight across Johnson for the “W”, though this could be a championship bout that goes all 5 rounds – with lightning fast fighting.

    Fight UFC 191 September 5, 2015

    Arlovski v Mir

    Latest Odds

    No posted odds yet


    Mir. Bitcoin Macroeconomics is taking Frank Mir. Now don’t get me wrong, I like seeing Frank Mir get beat on, and I have about written off Arlovski as a has been, but then again, he looked pretty good in his last debut. Though Arlovski is a skilled veteran, as every UFC fighter should have the skill set, and he has round experience as that veteran, I just don’t see him giving Frank Mir a fit at this stage of his career. Both are skilled on the ground, and I would have to give a slight advantage to Mir, but there should be some Muay Thai before the exchange takes it to the ground. I do see a finish to this fight, if anything via submission, but I would just pick Mir to win. I think Mir will be fine with striking but can see him wanting to take the fight to the ground with Arlovski working guard. There could be some interesting leg wars or arm locks or Kimura action, but I think Mir can get the tap as opposed to a GNP finish, though anything is possible.

    Fight UFC 190 August 1st 2015

    Rousey vs Correia

    Latest Odds

    • Fight Result
    • Ronda Rousey @ 1.02
    • Beth Correia @ 12

    Rousey – Never bet against Rousey. This is the sort of fight that could last 30 seconds or less. If there are odds for finish in the first round, take it, but never bet against Rousey.


    Rousey by TKO 0:34 seconds into 1st Round

    Fight UFC Fight Night 72 July 18th 2015

    Bisping vs Leites

    Latest Odds

    Michael Bisping @1.81

    Thales Leites @1.89


    Bisping – Bisping has too much ring experience and his cardio will play a factor, plus he brings the fight, plus he’s proven.


    Bisping – Wins by Split Decision




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