An exciting WeChat AMA session with Dash Next co-founder Felix Mago and Deniel Kwak from OIN

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Gabriel Salinas

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Mar 15, 2021
Thanks for sharing @Ratima... Interesting stuff...

Some key points from the summary:

Felix stated that the reason behind the DeFi hype was due to the fact that it allowed money to be programmed and have multiple different functionalities and use cases. Both men hailed how it is now possible for anyone to not only use but also build financial applications.
When asked about the partnership between OIN and Dash, Felix shared that issuing a stablecoin using the OIN protocol is an amazing solution for Dash. By removing volatility from the equation, the Dash-backed stablecoin will be able to solve one of the greater barriers for adoption. Merchants and users will now be able to use crypto for the transaction of goods and services while guaranteeing a steady, non-fluctuating cash flow.
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