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ALERT DASH: Major Adoption Plans about to be forestalled

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Nathaniel Luz, Sep 27, 2018.

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    Aug 22, 2017
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    ALERT DASH: Major Adoption Plans about to be forestall

    Recall the team that started advocating for Dash in a region where there were no Dash users, no dash events and as a result, there was no exchange trading Dash!

    Imagine how difficult that was.

    Fast track a year later, several exchanges have been listed for free, Nigeria has been the highest users of Dash to refill airtime for 6 months this year, some integrations concluded with several underway, thousands of new wallets opened, etc.

    Kindly note: Dash does not pay for any integration. Other competing cryptocurrencies pay for such integrations, especially listing on exchanges.

    Our work in Nigeria is highly underpriced. If this proposal fails to pass, kindly note that the following would happen:

    1. Dash-Yellowcard.io integration would be stalled



    Demo video on how Yellowcard works


    Struck a partnership with Yellowcard.io which would make dash vouchers accessible in over 55,000 locations across 13 African countries including Nigeria, Ghana, and Zimbabwe. Right now, we're in short supply of Dash. @JZA

    Yellowcard.io is the first cryptocurrency gift card that allows people buy cryptocurrency from local stores. They're present in 160,000 locations globally and 55,000 locations across 13 African countries including Nigeria, Ghana, and Zimbabwe. This would allow people buy Dash is smaller denominations. Exchanges usually have a minimum of $100 for any trade. But with this, people can buy Dash offline worth $5, $10, $20, $50. Having this would greatly solve the existing liquidity issues of Dash.

    2. Dash-kurecoinhub.com integration would be suspended indefinitely

    Kure Dash.jpg

    THE KURECOINHUB “THE BANK”: ARTICLE Kurecoinhub – “The Bank” is a self-service banking platform. The vision of Kurecoinhub is to develop unique and indigenous access points for mainstream adoption of cryptocurrencies and Blockchain technology. The Kurecoinhub is built with state-of-the-art security both for cryptocurrency and fiat (local currency) transactions. Kurecoinhub has eased the commonly faced challenges of slow and expensive payment gateways by providing one of the cheapest rates out there. Kurecoinhub - https://kurecoinhub.com/ with the integration of the DASH, you can perform the following transactions hassle free: - Buy - Sell - Bank - Access to loans Ø BUY – Purchase of cryptocurrencies directly from your local debit cards like DASH have been implemented.

    Buy, Sell, Exchange Cryptocurrencies, Get Loans, Fund Your Wallet from Your Local Bank Account, Withdraw From Your Wallet to Your Local Bank Account, Make Wallet To Wallet Transactions

    BANK – this concept is stemmed from the common trend of FOMO and FUD where cryptocurrency holders sell their coins when there is a major dip. Our banking service allows you to preserve your digital assets and also give you interest growth on the banked coins. This means, when you bank your DASH, you will also attract interest on the banked coin. LOAN - this revolutionary concept aimed at solving the problem of liquidating your Bitcoin in order to access cash in local or fiat currencies. This is a real life solution that provides capital by creating a system of zero collateral loans just by banking your digital assets. Here, you can access loans up to 50% of the value of your banked coin in your local currencies for investments or to pay off debts. Kurecoinhub puts all these activities together to give users a fast, secure and seamless platform for everyday living.

    3. Dash-Cryptostorez integration wouldn't be able to be completed

    4. Dash-Bitpesa integration wouldn't be any longer

    Instead of relying on a number of banks and other middlemen to move yen into U.S. dollars or euros and then out into African currencies such as the Nigerian naira or the Ghanaian cedi, the licensed BitPesa uses a combination of the bitcoin blockchain and other services to create new currency pairs.

    In addition to settling remittances in as little as one hour thanks to the bitcoin blockchain’s fast settlement times, SBI Remit director Nobuo Ando believes BitPesa’s multiple international licenses will help jump-start African commerce with Japan on a larger scale by adding a much-needed layer of trust and transparency.

    “Many companies are doing trade with African countries and they are suffering from the high cost and the slow speed and not very precise administration,” Ando says. “So this is the market that we would like to go in, together with Bitpesa.”


    Getting a proposal to pass is primarily for the benefit of the community and not for the PO.

    When tomorrow comes, we'd appreciate no finger pointing to the low adoption and use of Dash in Africa when African Proposals get negative votes without justification.

    Kindly weigh the options before you vote. Here’s the link to our proposal https://www.dashcentral.org/p/BLOCKCHAINAIConferenceMerchantsAdoption
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