Airlines to accept Dash - I see opportunity

Where do you plan to fly to in 2018?

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Jun 4, 2015
I noticed that after reading this article
and going to the Peach Airlines website that it appears they stopped accepting Bitcoin.

I see this as a major opportunity for Dash. First off, I believe they stopped accepting it cause it takes too long for confirmations and hours sometimes to confirm the transaction, high fees, second how many people have actually purchased their airlines tickets with bitcoin from Peach, I believe this is not too many.

Dash has lower fees than credit cards, instant confirmations, and I know you guys all travel on flights each year. I believe we should form a Dash Travel Group, we should do polls on upcoming travel destinations for everyone, you just select the countries you plan to be traveling for 2018. We then select an airline to contact based on the most popular countries or we create a Dash Conference in a selected country and travel there.

One low cost airline that I believe would be interested in accepting Dash is based in Chile

We don't need large carriers such as United, American, etc to accept Dash, they already have enough $$$, we need to contact the low cost competitors, the next virgin airlines, etc. Also, having airlines accept Dash will increase adoption in that country because people that live there that don't having a credit/debit card now have the ability to purchase their flights online, without doing it in person with cash. And people in that country that already other cryptos will convert them to Dash.

If you like my idea please share your thoughts on how to improve it.
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