Advertising: Frankfurt International Airport (FRA)

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Sep 29, 2017
Dear Community,

In this thread I would like to offer you a new way of reaching people all over the world.

The Frankfurt international airport ist the biggest business hub in whole europe. Around 40 percent of the travellers are business travellers. This is a huge amount when you have a look at the amount of people who are using this airport each year - about 61 million passengers. Experts expect an increase of passengers next year. Regarding to the release of Dash Evolution in June we should do some advertising there.


According to a survey made by the media company 66% percent of the passengers are interested in investment opportunities. 56% of the passengers are in the age between 30 - 50 years. The average waiting time is 140 minutes. While they are waiting they can be influenced by the ads.The travellers are coming from all over the world from different society levels. So we can reach a global community.


I have been in contact with the media company of the airport to get some information about the process of showing ads in the airport. They offer multiple schemes. I have chosen the medium one because I think it’s the perfect combination of making modern advertising and cost efficiency.
In our case that would be a contract with a duration of two months. In the conditions is written down that there are 116 screens which would show our ad in the baggage area of Terminal A on 46 inch flatscreens 480 times a day. One great aspect is that we can send them up to 5 different motives they show on their screens.


I think we should show different motives to ensure that every passenger is being addressed.
  • One motive which shows the release of Evolution
  • One motive which shows the advantages of using DASH in the business area
  • One motive which shows the rising amount of Dash (Investment options)
  • One motive which shows transaction details (Fees, speed, security)


In general I think transparency and communication are the most important aspects in realizing a project. Here are all costs listed:

Advertising Campaign 92 DASH
Advertising Agency 3 DASH
Loan² 5 DASH
Proposal fee 5 DASH

² Includes two business trips to the Frankfurt Airport | Fuel Costs | Business Meeting

To sum it up I think it’s a good way to introduce DASH more and more to the society - step by step.
I am looking for a sponsor who would like to pay the 5 DASH proposal fee.

If the proposal passes I am going to drive to Frankfurt to meet one of the marketing managers in the company. He would show me the advertising areas and I could give you some further information and post some photos...

At the end of the project I would like to write a final report and make a video to show you the results of the proposal. Additionally I would like to contact journalists from the F.A.Z. and the Bild which are famous newspapers in Germany. They could write an article about DASH and the history of it.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any suggestions or questions.

Best regards



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Sep 29, 2017
The realization of the project is planned for July/August 2018.

There are several reasons why it shouldn't be realized now:
- The visual identity of DASH hasn't been created yet
- We can't reach the amount of people we can reach in summer next year.
- Not enough time to organize the project
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Dec 4, 2017
Caracas, Venezuela
I think this could work pretty well to get Dash even more mainstream.

But why don´t you drive to Frankfurt and have specific details about the ads and the marketing campaign in the airport, and show some results about the negotiation with the airport and the pre-decisions of your marketing advisor? I think It could show your commitment to the community and help this idea to pass.

Think about it.

Another question. What about static ads in the airport? I mean big physical posters in the walls or something like that, is there any space available? I asked this because of my experience participating in marketing campaigns of my companies, we conclude that static marketing ads are much more effective than digital/dynamic ones.

Wait for your reply!


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Sep 29, 2017
Thanks for your post carlosjem. I'll think about it.

There is some space for physical posters available. I have already thought about making advertises at walls but I think that we would miss the target group.
At the moment I don't know where the physical advertising areas are in the airport.
What's your experience? Is there a big difference between the effiency of digital/static ads?