ADS - PPC AdWords Google Partner Network - DISCOUNT 50%!!! The SkyAdvert LLC.


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May 6, 2014
Good Day Friend,

My name is Slava.

I am Account Manager in SkyAdvert OU(LLC).

Our Company - SkyAdvert OU (LLC)

We carried out banner advertising!

ADS - PPC Google AdWords - DISCOUNT 50%!!! The SkyAdvert LLC.

Helps Physical Persons and Enterprises, Save Money for Advertising in PPC Google AdWords!

The Price for an ads in AdWords account (SkyAdvert LLC),

We Have Special Cost !!!!

YouTube TrueView in-stream:

- For the All World (Price Unified) -

1 View = from 0.12 to 0.25 of the Russian Ruble or (USD:0.002$)!!!

Price for All AdWords account , YouTube TrueView in-stream:

- In the USA - for 1 viewing Video ads are cost off from 0.04$ to 0.21$ (depending on the volume).

- In Europe - for 1 viewing Video ads are cost off from 0.03$ to 0.18$ (depending on the volume).

This feature, Price Differences, is not Associated with the Type of Google AdWords Account (Standard or MCM).

But with Our Payment Data (SkyAdvert OU) !!!

In this video you will be able to visually see Our Prices in PPC Google AdWords !!!

Advertising companies: Groups Leningrad, Mumiy Troll, and many more!

Pausing the video, you can see our prices and many more details.

If necessary, we can provide access to our account !!!

If you are Interested in the Offer, Contact Us:

- ICQ: 6906911

- Facebook:

- Linkedin:

- E-mail: [email protected]

- Skype: In-Disguise-VPN

- Telegram: slava_tabola

- Mobile phone - it's Viber, Telegram, WeChat: + 375 29 369 77 91

With Respect and Good Day,

Slava Tabola, SkyAdvert OU.