Address book issues


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Jul 31, 2015
Android Dash Copay v3.14.1
- Send --> Contacts (+) --> Scan Dash address
If the dash address was generated by the Dash Core wallet with InstantSend requested (the default), then it does not recognize the address as valid, and the contact can't be saved unless the ?IS=1 is manually removed to make it a valid address.

- For some contacts (I think for ones that have both a Name and an Email on file), I do not see a way to remove a contact from the address book (I am not able to scroll down to get to where the "Remove" option should be.)
ex. images:

- Some dash addresses awkwardly wrap onto the next line if there are too many large/capital letters

- You can search by text in the contact list, but the contact list is weirdly ordered by the order in which the contacts were added, instead of in alphabetical order.

- What is the point of having a default profile silhouette if there is no way to get a picture or something else in there?
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