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Feb 8, 2017
Dear @Whysmh4dash ,

Dash being the first DAO, it pays the price of the problems facing the hard reality.

From an economic financing system to create added value, it ended up in the crossroads of all governance, like the government, where taxes no longer serve those who pay them but those who use the budget.

From an open Dash community it has become a closed Dash budget community to capture funds to live on the budget.
I wonder what could be done to return to the original intended use. Evan and the community did not anticipate the arrival of professional politicians.

And those who work to produce value, do not have time to make videos or twitts all daylong.

Maybe removing the budget and letting the MNOs spend their own money would be a more economically efficient model?

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May 8, 2017
An interesting idea! I guess the current structure Dash has as a DAO allows for a choice to be made by the network, coming with politicking (public/private) via Dash funded proposal process. Proposals carry a fee to the network for their request to be validated through MNO approval. I assume the incentive to be a positive entity within the Dash Community starts here. Communications becomes critical for maintaining positive optics I would assume at this point for any Dash funded requesting entity. Avoiding conflicts can be considered strategically appropriate however as the treasury is limited competing for MNO approval becomes likely more organised. Compromises are made through votes and decisions are made through motivated engagement plus consensus. Personally I think we are in the balance of interests between public facing and private development entity, DCG has done well to grow this. A careful balance influences the Decentralised nature of Dash I suspect and with growth comes sometimes the pain of learning things via experience or failed strategy. Both experience and strategic decision making requires consideration and alignment with the values of the Dash Network. I see this as dynamic and fraught with challenges over time however opportunities will emerge eventually to explore these alternative concepts.

Cheers for your reply @JOL


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Mar 15, 2017
" From an open Dash community it has become a closed Dash budget community to capture funds to live on the budget. "

This is technically incorrect. Anybody can participate in the Dash community at any level they desire. There are no gatekeepers.

Got an idea for marketing? Post it on the forums. Post it on the totally open Marketing Hub.
Got an idea for Dash that is not marketing? Post it on the forums. Post it on the totally open Incubator.

Want to work for Dash and earn Dash? Look over the tasks on the Incubator Hub and the Marketing Hub and see if any of those tasks fit your skill set and enthusiasm. Put in a proposal that is well thought out with clear goals and clear key performance indicators to show progress toward the goal.

Want to have a say in how it is run? Sell your car and buy a Masternode. They are on sale RIGHT NOW.

AND, the cost to submit a proposal is about to drop 80% as our software updates making it even easier.

Nobody is stopping anybody from doing ANY of those things RIGHT NOW.

Yes, the whole budget process is easier when Dash is valued above 150'ish. Right now, Dash is in survival mode. I would also note that we are in a much better place (for survival mode) than we were in the last big crypto winter. I'm working on that. Are you working on that??


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May 17, 2022
the decisive factors will be the news affecting the exchange rate of VTS and the market sentiment in general. For example, on a long time period the market was pressed by geopolitical factors, change of a discount rate in the USA, scam of the UST steblecoin, statements of media persons, etc. But it is worth bearing in mind that the coin reacts more strongly to negative news than to positive ones. For example, while the VTS was able to draw a higher high in September 2021 than in May, the DASH coin showed weak growth in September. The Dash token is interesting these crypto passive income ideas , first of all, because it gives its customers interesting offers. As well as creative solutions to the problems that the financial market depositor has to face day in and day out. This is the point that attracted the bulk of users when the token first appeared.
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