~$88~ Whoohoo!! A Massive Congratulations to Evan/the whole DASH Team and US!!


Dec 30, 2015
The fact that we as a community are not flipping out with rollercaoster gifs and partying in the streets is a sign just how much we "get it" and how much more we believe in the DASH system. The system that pays nodes, the system that funds itself, the system that has governance. The way a cryptocoin should be.

But it must be said:

CONGRATULATIONS Evan for having the foresight and the brilliant idea to pay nodes and to fund from the blockchain. Thank you for pushing to create DASH when your pull requests to the Bitcoin team got rejected many many years ago! You rock man!

CONGRATULATIONS to every member of the core dash team. Thank you for assisting Evan in making all of this a reality. Without you none of this would be possible.

CONGRATULATIONS to every DASH buyer who saw right through the FEAR UNCERTAINTY DOUBT posts of everyone who didn't own DASH or didn't understand DASH. Congratulations to every person that bought at $2, $3, $10 while everyone was shouting "SCAM SCAM SCAM". Yip, everyone was shouting "Bitcoin is a scam" too. And it is super funny how these "SCAMMER DASH" people actually INVENT super useful things for humanity. I have never seen a scammer INVENT anything - and that was all I needed to know 1 year and 8 months back.

Let's party like it's 99! (pun intended) :D


Oct 3, 2014
It's so close to $100, as of this post it is at $96.89 on Coinmarketcap. I'm trying not get myself caught up watching the price but that's a psychological milestone.


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Oct 11, 2014
As someone, who lived through 1999 (though not in the Silicon Valley), I can't agree more :)