07 - Decentralized Decision Making: Vetting proposal owners before they get funding


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Feb 2, 2018
This post will explain the importance of vetting proposal owners before they can receive funding from the network.

One of the most important criteria to determine the success of a project is the team behind the project. Too often projects are being voted in simply because the project has a "good idea" or the proposal owners are saying what the network wants to hear. This is not a reliable means of assessing the success potential of a project.

We need to know does the team have the necessary skills, motivation, experience and contacts to make the project work. In order to determine this it would be beneficial for the network to consider a service like DashWatch to undergo a detailed screening of the proposal team to ensure they have the necessary qualities to make the project work. This could be simple evidence such as training and experience they have received (e.g. getting references from their existing customers or clients. Providing evidence of successful past projects. If a team cannot demonstrate they have the skill sets they claim they have in order to be successful in the project should the DAO be risking investing in such projects in the first place?

A series of questions could be formulated that all proposal owners would need to answer. These answers would be best recorded on a video so that MNOs can get a better feel of who is behind the project and if they are likely to be able to deliver what they say they can deliver.

Most organizations looking to make an investment would not ever make that investment unless they get to actually meet the team behind the project. Since DASH projects are global, physical meetings may be difficult to achieve logistically. However, a video interview with DashWatch were MNOs can see the team's responses to a standard set of questions would go a long way towards knowing who we will be giving funds to.

In addition background checks could be made to ensure that the proposal owners do not have a criminal record or have been involved in fraud etc. These are basic checks that any responsible investor or employer would make - so why not Dash?

Currently we have no such pre-screening of projects owners. We only have DashWatch reports after they have been awarded funding. Wouldn't it better to know in advance who we are dealing with? If we did we could eliminate many projects that are clearly unsuitable for funding.
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Feb 8, 2017
Simply put, if a proposal owner put 10% to 30% of the total amount requested as a deposit to have the budget. and that all is returned to him if and when it is delivered, the use of Dash Budget would be taken less lightly.