1. Frame 48

    Pre-Proposal (Frame 48 – Starting from Scratch – Devaluation funding)

    Hey Everyone, First off, we would like to thank the entire community for supporting the first portion of our documentary series around Dash adoption in developing nations, Starting from Scratch. We just got back from our 9 day shoot in Zimbabwe, where we spent time with people from all walks...
  2. Max Yoga

    Dash Kuvacash updates and activities

    KUVACASH INTERIM UPDATE 001 - 13/10/2017 Thank you to all our supporters in the community continuing to support our proposal for this month. It has been a busy kick-off here at Kuvacash, and we will be updating everyone on our next webinar, which we'll schedule before the end of the month. Two...
  3. mastermined

    Dash-Funded Kuva Project to Bring Dash for Cash to Zimbabwe

    The Kuva Project, an initiative to bring easy cash for Dash exchange to Zimbabwe, has been funded by the Dash network. Zimbabwe has undergone a serious cash crisis, with hyperinflation leading to the collapse of the national currency, and a resulting underground market for US dollar notes. The...