1. suppoman

    Proposal: Dedicated Dash Videos to my 133,000 Audience

    Hi all in the Dash community, My name is Michael Suppo, otherwise known as Suppoman on YouTube, and having observed from the outside for 3 years, I would like to become a dedicated and active member of this community and help promote the benefits of this coin to my audience. If you are...
  2. TaoOfSatoshi

    Dash Nation | Venezuelan Isabel B. Rodriguez demonstrates the power of Dash
  3. TaoOfSatoshi

    Dash Decentral | A News Magazine Show By Dash Nation

    Dash Decentral A News Magazine Show By Dash Nation! "Dash's Magazine Style Show! Brian Davis hosts and Dash Nation contributes as we follow the many, many newsworthy events around the cryptocurrency Dash." What's the background? Since the amazing work of @amanda_b_johnson in her...
  4. amanda_b_johnson

    UPDATE and Path Forward from Amanda B. Johnson

    Hello and thanks for taking the time! Firstly, a list of coverage achieved over the past 30 days: Your Money, Your Wealth It’s Your Money & Your Life! BitNewsToday CoinSquare Bad Crypto podcast UCLA “Cyber Days” BitNewsToday DigitalLA panel YourStory Two additional entrepreneurship-themed...
  5. pmckenna12

    Pre-Proposal - YouTube Awareness - Country Expansion (Strike Social Inc. 500 No.17)

    This is a 3-month project that will require 195 Dash/month (585 dash total). Full breakdown of cost is below. Description of the project: Google’s largest third-party YouTube advertising partner, Strike Social <>, will promote new Dash videos from Ogilvy Spain on...
  6. Pieter Eralith

    "Border-Free Love" - Live action + VFX DASH Commercial, 2M Views over 6 Months

    Hi folks! This is the new update thread for our Border-Free Love advertising proposal, found here. Thank you all for your continued support!
  7. pmckenna12

    Pre-proposal: Increase Dash’s awareness by advertising on YouTube

    Dash Requested This is a 3-month project that will require 300 Dash/month (900 dash/total) Full breakdown of cost is below. Description of the project Google’s largest third-party YouTube advertising partner, Strike Social, will promote Dash’s introductory video on the world’s second most...
  8. JZA

    Canal de Youtube de DASH Español

    Saludos, solo para informarles que por fin tenemos una URL para YOUTUBE a la medida y personalizada. Encuentranos en...ñol
  9. Pieter Eralith

    Pre-Proposal: Project Jet Plane, an Animated Dash Commercial

    Project Jet Plane - YouTube Dash commercial, 2500+ views per day for 60 days. Help us to advertise Dash to 2500+ potential Dash users a day for 60 days! Amount: 148.31 Dash Time: Two months (two payments of 74.16 Dash) The storyboard video is here: The treatment documentation is here...
  10. Syntheist

    Pre-Proposal Idea: Active Pursuit of Maths & Science YouTube Channels

    This is just the outline of an idea: Create a fund to sponsor popular (1 million plus subscribers) channels that feature maths, science and general knowledge, for example: Veritasium Numberphile CGP Grey Many of these channels are sponsored by Audible or Great Courses Plus, I'm sure Dash can...
  11. Tommyworldpower

    Considering making a 10-15 minute for my youtube viewers on Dash

    Edit-- Updated this OP with the full post that i posted on, which you can also see at Hey guys, I was thinking about doing a DASH video, I wanted to do it through the proposal system and in my video I will talk about this, how I was...
  12. Pieter Eralith

    Important Update To Our Advertisement Production Process

    I just wanted to swing by make an update post on behalf of our team. If you have not met us at Eralith yet, please have a gander at our first ad campaign: We are just coming off the heels of this round of voting, and being close...
  13. stellabelle

    New Dash Newbies Video: Why Do People Talk About Crypto While Driving?

    The newest Dash for Newbies video is out. This one ponders why people in the digital currency space tend to make videos about cryptocurrency while driving in their cars:
  14. TaoOfSatoshi

    CATV | Intro Vid: What Is Cash Alternative TV?

    CATV | Intro Vid: What Is Cash Alternative TV? #DashNation #CashAlternative
  15. Roslyn

    Digital Currencies|RonPaulLibertyReport, Oct 17, 2016

    "Streamed live on Oct 17, 2016 What is the future of money? Some say digital currency is more efficient and provides better security and privacy. Others worry about the Fed exercising an even heavier hand on monetary policy. We visit with NYU Law Fellow and digital currency expert Max Raskin...
  16. Roslyn

    TED: The Future of Money. 2016 "Bitcoin is the most ubiquitous crypto-currency, but there are hundreds." "Published on Oct 3, 2016" "What happens when the way we buy, sell and pay for things changes, perhaps even removing the need for banks or currency exchange bureaus? That's the radical promise of a...
  17. amanda_b_johnson

    Proposal -- Renew DASH: Detailed for 6 Months

    We the production team of DASH: Detailed – Amanda B. Johnson and Pete Eyre – are seeking a six-month agreement renewal for our weekly video series. To review, in the preceding three months of production we have: - Published one video per week - What Stands Between Digital Currency & 'Mass...
  18. amanda_b_johnson

    Proposal: Dash's Very Own YouTube Show

    It's time for Dash to have a killer YouTube channel – one which informs, one which entertains, and one which ultimately increases the value of a Dash. I (Amanda B. Johnson) and my partner (Pete “the Manservant”s Eyre) would like approval and funding from the masternode network to assume custody...