1. S

    WTS 2 new Antminer D3 19.3G for sale

    Hi All, I’m selling 2 new Antminer D3 19.3G X11 miners with power supply for $1000/ea. Let me know if you are interested.
  2. vkkka

    WTS Selling 4 pieces of Antminer D3 (4000 EUR) from Finland, already arrived 19.09

    Unique offer! Last 4 pieces! 4000 EURO / each. PSU is included. Already AVAILABLE from Finland!!! Part of the original second batch!!! Up to 4 miner + psu total. Selling as got a problem finding a noise tolerant place with proper electricity... This miner is noisy! :( World's Most Powerful...
  3. Etin

    WTS iBelink DM22G - October 2017 Batch for Sale

    Hello Everyone, I have an order for 100 units of DM22G - From the October batch. I will be keeping 25 of these units for myself. If you're interested in purchasing any of the other 75 units, do not hesitate to contact me. The price for each individual unit will be $6500.00 USD including...
  4. nekomew

    WTS PinIdea DR2 450MH

    Selling x11 PinIdea Dr2 450MH Miner from eastshore.xyz. It includes: 750W PSU for the miner Payment: Bitcoin / Dash / Ethereum
  5. mrearthbound

    New iBeLink 10.8 GH/s X11 miner

    I saw this video a few hours ago: Apparently, this Russian guy has put together a new ASIC that gives our 10.8 GH/s on Dash, leaving the Baikal A900 Giants way behind... Something unprecedented. The Russian guy says that it costs $9000 USD now (normally costs $25k). The comments (in Russian...
  6. JasonHan

    WTS Baikal A900 X11 Dash Miner for sale (Canada)

    If anyone is interested let me know I have 2 in stock. Price is $3500 at the moment due to a shortage in the market.
  7. cibrigue

    X11 info on website is outdated

    The statement about X11 on the website (https://www.dash.org/x11/) is outdated, because there are X11 ASIC miners on the market for more than a year, as far as I know. I think the "ASICs will be much more difficult to make for these algorithms and should take years." sentence is misleading, and...