1. iamalvin

    WTS ►Microsoft Windows® Product Key | 10,7,8 | Office '19'16| ◄

    As title. Below you will find my pricing. Microsoft Windows: Windows 10 Home : $4 Windows 10 Pro : $6 Windows 7 Pro : $4 Windows 7 Ultimate : $4 Windows 8.1 : $ 4 Windows 8.1 Pro : $4 Microsoft Office: Office 2016 Pro Plus (PC) : $6 Office 2019 Pro Plus (PC) : $7 Project 2016 Pro Plus $6...
  2. M

    Dashd as Windows service (NSSM)

    I'm attempting to run Dashd as a Windows service using NSSM. I'm happy to consider an alternative service wrapper if the issue resides with NSSM, but I've chosen it due to it's comprehensive features and use it for wrapping other services. The issue I'm experiencing is that the blockchain isn't...
  3. cibrigue

    Verifying Dash Code QT installer's integrity with GnuPG

    Hi! I'm new to Dash, and I have just downloaded the Dash Core Win/64 installer v12.1.3. I already had GnuPG so I run this in my download folder where my installer and hash files were: gpg2.exe --verify SHA256SUMS.asc And got this: gpg: Signature made 03/02/17 09:57:45 Central Europe Standard...