1. 5

    Internationalising Confluence Plugins for wiki

    Please, who can add "Internationalising Confluence Plugins" to atlassian dash wiki? We want to make translation into russian. But now, when languages are separated by spaces it is hard to make paged translation. And sorry for poor english. I am not a translator ;)
  2. Stephen Gornick

    About that wiki ...

    I posted a question here: But in general, is that wiki meant to be used like a wiki for Dash project (similar to how is the go-to wiki for Bitcoin), or is hat just something that was used...
  3. JZA

    Dash Wiki not very wiki-esque

    Hi people I wonder why the DASH wiki has most of the content on PDF files. I was hoping wikis to be more interactive documenation with comments and also modular information that can be deep linked. Also there doesnt seem much info on the DASH API, any reason?