1. mbassan

    Multi-wallet RPC functionality

    I have configured DASH core to run with multiple wallet.dat files: /home/user/dash/bin/dashd --datadir="/home/user/.dash" -wallet=wallet1.dat -wallet=wallet2.dat ... but I cannot figure out how to interface with each wallet. In Bitcoin, LItecoin and other coinsd's there is an RPC endpoint for...
  2. CWard

    (Pre-Proposal) Dash removed from mobile wallet

    XO Wallet Dash Removale My team has approached me about not supporting Dash to keep it out of our android bitcoin wallet. It will cost our team $0 to do this. Mobile Wallet is currently available for download to android devices in the Google play store. This will decrease the Dash ecosystem by...
  3. elishagh1

    Jaxx Adds Dash - TDT

    Jaxx Wallet Adds Dash Support - The Dash Times: The multi-platform wallet released an update today for its app, allowing users the option of storing Dash in their wallet.