1. S

    Wallet Address - Dash Pool Mining

    Hey, I've flipped through some searches on this forum but didn't run across the answer to this potentially stupid question. I'm new to Dash mining, and I've configured ccminer (running nvidia gpu), but I'm not sure about the wallet address. Can I direct x11 mining to a bitcoin wallet address...
  2. D

    Retrieving my Coins from a not working wallet

    Hi guys, I have already posted the basic problem here: https://www.dash.org/forum/threads/my-wallet-is-not-connecting-to-the-dash-network.13931/ Since nobody was able to help me, I would like to know if there is any way to retrieve Coins I have already sent there. David
  3. C

    Is it possible to move the wallet directory outside of the data directory?

    When dash-qt first started, it says the data directory also holds the wallet file. I don't want to back up the blockchain (that would be silly - there are thousands of copies) but I do want to back up the wallet. Can I store the wallet elsewhere besides the data directory? I haven't been able to...
  4. theghost1980

    Move Dash Db files to an external hard drive?

    Hello there. I would like to know if it is possible to move all dependencies, including the Dash blockchain to an external hard drive. I am using a Macbook which has limited space of SDD, so basically I am almost running out of space, this is why I want to know if this is possible. I have a...
  5. stellabelle

    Is the mobile ios Dash wallet easy and safe?

    As a brand new user of Dash, I have to admit, it's pretty hard to figure out which wallet to use. I had initially decided to try out the mobile iOs Dash wallet but when I learned that the App store rejected it, I was hesitant becuase I've never sideloaded an app before. This feels unsafe...
  6. K

    New wallet update

    hey guys. can i get some help. Im trying to update my wallet. My original wallet seemingly doesnt work now. I have both versions of the wallet on my computer. All of my coins are still in my original wallet but ive been moving things around. Help please
  7. MrGold

    Dash Core can no longer continue safely and will quit

    I just completed all the steps of starting a Node40 master node to where it says I have 1 pending node and I need to stop and then restart my wallet and remote-start the master node. I just upgraded to 12.1 and everything was working well. But now when I attempt to restart this window comes up...
  8. R

    Ledger Nano S wallet

    Hello fellow DASH users! What do you guys think about the Ledger Nano S multi cryptocurrency wallet. Has anyone here had any experience with it? Kindly share with us your experience, thank you! =)
  9. R

    Is it safe to store DASH on DASH Core Wallet on my regular online laptop?

    Hey guys! I was just wondering if it's safe to keep about 50 or so dash on my Dash Core Wallet on my laptop that I use for every day stuff... What do you think is the possibility that I lose my DASH if I did this and not kept these DASH offline?
  10. ec1warc1

    Need some help with Dash Client and Wallet

    Hello friends of Dash! I need some help with integrating a dash client and wallet into my website to send dash to those who participate in the activities on the website. Think fawcet, but not so boring and repetitive. This website is about 60 percent complete and will pre-launch to the Dash...
  11. JZA

    Add a DASH-web

    Wonder if there is a way to have the DASH wallet have a web interface, running a dashd and just like the dash-cli be able to access it throught he REST api and build a frontend, like DASH-web. Using python this can be easily done from the command line and Qt.
  12. Poltergeist


    SCAM-ALERT!! This is important and you need to know about it. The good patrons of DASH found that while www.dash-wallet.com purports to be a DASH wallet where unsuspecting users and new users register and can purportedly use their wallet services, this is not true in reality...
  13. ec1warc1

    What happened to the paper wallet website?

    https://paper.dash.org/ Doesn't exist any more? Even google search doesn't get you there. What is this? https://walletgenerator.net/?currency=Dash Trustworthy?
  14. adiiorio

    Jaxx - Dash integration

    Hey there Dash community! Anthony, CEO of Jaxx here. Our team has been extensively researching the Dash ecosystem and are super excited to be joining your community. For those of you who don't know, Dash will soon be integrated in Jaxx, our multi-token, multi-platform blockchain wallet. We've...
  15. amanda_b_johnson

    Anthony Di Iorio on Jaxx's Business Model & Imminent Dash Integration

    Special bonus extra episode:
  16. legalmat

    Newbie questions around wallet, payment address and pools

    Hi, I just started CPU mining because testing. Later I want to use ressources of our dedicated server to amortize a little of the server costs aside. I have created a dash wallet and joined a pool called coinotron. Now I connected all, set up according a good tutorial Now the CPU mining runs...
  17. Luiz_Ant0n10

    Jaxx wallet looking at DASH integration

    Jaxx wallet looking at DASH integration... does anyone have more information about it? ..."Those of you who follow us on Twitter at @jaxx_io may have seen that we want the broader community’s opinion on which coins and tokens should be integrated into Jaxx next. We’ve already seen quite a few...
  18. S

    Old darkcoin wallet.dat lost coins

    Hello, at the beginning i have to say im so sorry for making a new thread for this old problem, but i couldnt find any solution in this forum and by googling i have an encrypted wallet.dat backup from darkcoin and had more than 120 darkcoin in it now after update the qt, there is no coin no...