1. A

    What wallet is it better to use

    Hello! I am newbe here. Could someone help, what wallet is better to use?
  2. F

    Dash announces new update, social payment wallet enters testnet

    Dash Core Group has announced the release of new updates for the Dash platform as well as the DashPay smartphone wallet app. Dash has moved development work on the v0.17 update of its platform to the testnet phase, according to an announcement released on Wednesday. Back in July 2020...
  3. M

    please, advice the best wallet/payment solution

    Hello As I see, people here are crypto fans. Nowadays there are many different crypto payment solutions, wallets etc. I want to find out how best solution looks like and what options should it offer for clients. Please tell me about your experience, all for and against of services you use
  4. S

    Cointeller | Multi-Currency Crypto Cloud Wallet

    Cointeller Crypto Cloud Wallet No Download or Registration Required Supports Bitcoin, Etherum, Litecoin, and CBET WEBSITE | TWITTER | TELEGRAM Follow us on Twitter or Telegram for the latest news and updates.
  5. B

    How BitGo wallet brings the right combination of safety and functionality?

    Bitgo is a high-security multi-signature wallet that protects Bitcoin from theft and loss. The company is established by Mike Belshe and Ben Davenport in the year 2013, based in California. It is considered as one of the safest options when it comes to Bitcoin storage. BitGo provides an online...
  6. C

    Wallet Encryption Corrupted?

    Hi there, I was wondering if someone here has encountered the same issue as me or if this situation, as I see it, is even possible. I have some Dash sitting on my QT wallet, its been there or a couple years now. I can't seem to unlock the wallet to move my Dash. I have a password written down in...
  7. T

    Wallets of DASH are supported in a messenger iOS app

    There were a few tweets, including one by Dash. Released by @adamant_im on Twitter. I liked it. Messenger devs employed DASH wallet in the messenger’s system so that users can store DASH tokens in ADAMANT and send them via chat directly. – from the official release. You can visit the twitter of...
  8. O

    Bitcoin address changes when in click send

    Hi, i recently made iv made 2 transactions with electrum, the first one i was making a transaction to a friend and I put in the amount I wanted to send and clicked send not realizing it was changing the amount to send to my whole wallet. Also he didn't receive it I didn't see it was changing the...
  9. D

    connecting to peers

    I use the latest version of the wallet. At some point, the wallet stopped syncing (hung on "connection to peers"). 99.83% are synchronized, 1500 blocks are left. It does not go further. Although the connection to the DASH network is writing actively. Are there coins on your wallet that you need...
  10. D

    Подключение к пирам

    Использую последнюю версию кошелька. В какой то момент кошелек перестал синхронизироваться (завис на "подключение к пирам"). Синхронизировано 99.83%, осталось 1500 блоков. Дальше не идет. Хотя соединение с сетью DASH пишет активно. На кошельке есть монеты, что нужно предпринять, чтобы заставить...
  11. E

    New Hardware Wallet x Mobile Wallet for DASH

    Newly released Hardware Wallet ELLIPAL now supports DASH. It works with mobile App which also doubles as hot wallet. Learn more: https://order.ellipal.com/ Review:
  12. R

    Creation of new Own dash wallet

    I am new to cryptocurrency world. I want to create new own dash wallet. So, where i have to start? which platform and library i shall use? how to test using test net? Please forgive me if this is chilly question. Thanks.
  13. bob

    DashCopay Release Plan

    The Dash Core Group team is pleased to announce that we are preparing to launch the DashCopay wallet application on iOS and Android. High level features of this new wallet include: Create and import personal wallets Create and join shared wallets (multi-signature) Send and receive...
  14. D

    darkcoin wallet encryption

    I'm trying to unlock my darkcoin wallet and I was wondering what encryption algorithm was used to encrypt the wallet.dat file when it was darkcoin and if that algorithm has changed since? Im trying to run a script of every possible combination of passwords I used back then. In other forums I...
  15. OctoBitIO

    OctoBit.IO - Multicurrency online wallet

    https://octobit.io - Multicurrency online wallet Supported currencies: Dash, Bitcoin, Ethereum, OctoBit Coin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Dogecoin, Ethereum Classic, Zcash, Waves, Dollars (USD), Rubles (RUB) Manage all your crypto-currencies from one online account. Safely store, easy to get and...
  16. MarOku

    [Video] MyDashWallet deutsch

  17. The Natural

    Wallet for easy transaction

    I started buying Dash last fall, just a few, from BitPanda which is very serious and problemfree for me. But I only have a Trezor and it has always stayed in there as I haven't done any transactions yet. I hope as we all here do of course, that there will be ever increasing good opportunities to...
  18. M

    How to sync wallet with block 0

    hello I Create new Genesis Block, new network based on dash "fork". make all good ! i run getgenerate true 4 dont mine !! how to make that with "blocks": 0, thank a lot
  19. S

    DASH send from Gatehub to Kucoin did no arrive

    On Feb. 12 i send via Tx D9C09EB277FB17270E9AC4E7E50CA00DE52AE47747B9CC500CB4D47289660644 an amount of 0.3293 DASH to my DASH account on Kucoin (Xi1qE7DdqPSD9LciSUStMcZPvEPTufBaGj) However, the payment has never been received. Although the chart states all steps were executed successfully...
  20. S

    Integration Electrum and Core wallet

    Hi all, Install Dashnode, livenet with v.12.02.03. Have Electrum client on home PC, output Master public key and write in "dash-payment-process" where create receiver to get gen. address. When gen. address I see it in my Electrum client, also when transfer amount on this address of.c I get it...
  21. A

    How to Buy Dash Cryptocurrency

    What Is Dash Currency? Dash is a unique peer-to-peer cryptocurrency that is exchanged through encrypted software. Think of Dash as digital cash that you can use to make private payments, make instant payments online, and much more. Dash was first introduced by Kyle Hagan and Evan Duffield as...
  22. Cryptopiece.com

    Best way to store Dash coins for long term hold.

    If I have purchased a chunk of Dash coins, where can I easily and safely store them for long term hold? I can purchase hardware wallets, but which one?
  23. E

    Passphrase LOST

    Hello, Here is my problem: I created a portfolio with the Dash Core software in 2014 by storing Dash. Today, I changed PC (because the operating system was dead), I recovered my hard drive, I searched with recovery software, and I was able to find my "wallet.dat ". The funds are available on...
  24. A

    Android Dash wallet needs a tutorial

    I can't see in any place a tutorial that teaches how to use dash wallet for android. It's very interesting to know: - how to backup wallet; - what do user needs to do if he boughts a new cellphone? - a good explanation on address book. Mainly when user buy their first dash. Initially dash...
  25. T

    Jaxx wallet problem

    To anyone who may concern. Sorry for my bad English as it is not my native language, but anyway.. So i heard about Dash and i decided to get some, put in my wallet, but wait, i don't have any Dash wallet, so i went to official Dash website [slash] wallets. These is a list of some wallets apps...
  26. C

    Unexpected erasure. Recover wallet.dat

    Hello all! I had Dash core wallet (version was actual to October) and Win 7 x64. Yesterday I found that my wallet have been cleaned by the unrecognised cause. The root cause doesn't matter right now.. I've used R-Studio to recover my "deleted" wallet.dat (and backup file also), then installed...
  27. S

    We need a resource, "Security for Newbies" and we don't have it.

    Due to the 27 awesome things we are doing, I expect to have an enormous number of new users in the next year. One topic that I think we lack: basic security practices for newbies. Since we actually care about our new users, I would love to see a sticky or a resource geared toward newbies...
  28. W

    What wallet for ASIC mining?

    Hey gentlemen, I was trying to find info on best practices for mining with ASICs in regards to preferred wallets. I know that technically you can mine to several platforms directly, but I'd be more than happy to learn about your personal experiences. Which wallet do you guys mine to usually...
  29. Acedian

    Security of "Average Joe" Wallet

    I am concerned that as we approach mass adoption Dash theft will hurt our progress. What are the developers adding to reduce the risk to user's funds? A suggestion I would make is to add additional encryption security similar to VeraCrypt's PIM to user's wallets to help protect users with less...
  30. mastermined

    Dash Officially Approved by Apple, Releases InstantSend-Enabled iPhone Wallet

    Dash Officially Approved by Apple, Releases InstantSend-Enabled iPhone Wallet https://www.dashforcenews.com/dash-officially-approved-apple-releases-instantsend-enabled-iphone-wallet/ Dash iOS Wallet back on iTunes ! http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/dash-wallet/id1206647026
  31. Acedian

    Hash Engineering Dash Wallet

    I am looking for a bit of information on this Android wallet. Firstly, is the wallet hierarchical deterministic? If not, how many addresses are backed up if I back up the wallet when I first install it? (No payments received yet) Secondly, is it essential to encrypt my phone to protect the...
  32. V

    Problem receiving funds to Core Wallet

    This is my first time using the Dash Core Wallet. I bought a Dash coin yesterday on a Canadian exchange, and 24 hours later, it still has not arrived in my wallet. The exchange says the transaction is pending. The wallet is synced and locked. I have 8 decimals listed and it's all 0.00000000...
  33. stellabelle

    Ledger Nano S: Best Hardware Wallet for Europeans

    @Aniinl wrote a very thorough review of the Ledger Nano S hardware wallet so check it out: https://medium.com/dash-for-newbies/the-ledger-nano-s-best-hardware-wallet-choice-for-europeans-8f755f2afe21 I'm constantly scouring Medium for Dash-related articles, so if you want yours to appear in...
  34. D

    3 fold wallet problem

    Hi, I have numerous issues one of which is that I have/had a fair amount of coins in a Darkcoin wallet circa August 2014. Here's my Dashpay related issues! 1. Corrupted Hard drive. 2. Old Darcoin QT ran on a virtual PC 3. Corrupted Wallet.dat In an attempt to be secure I ran the Darkcoin QT...
  35. N

    help needed with dash wallet distress

    Hello, I had an older version of the dash core wallet running, but it kept loading the block index forever (intro screen). It has been running for over a week without change. I stopped it and started again but no change. Now I downloaded the latest version today but it "thinks" it is the first...
  36. I

    Can I set a password to open my wallet?

    I have installed my wallet and transferred Dash into it. I have also encrypted it. However, the wallet still launches on my Mac without a password required. Is there a way to require a password on launch? (I haven't tried to send, but I am assuming I will be required to enter my encryption...
  37. mastermined

    Keylogger Found on HP Laptops: How to Secure Your Dash

    A keylogger file has been detected in several HP laptops, meaning that sensitive information, including private keys or passwords to Dash wallets, could be compromised. An audio driver on several HP laptops, Conexant HD audio driver, has been found to contain a keylogger, which detects user...
  38. HashEngineering

    Dash Wallet for Android - Maintenance and Support #1

    This project was approved for funding in the last Treasury payout and more information can be found here about the proposal. https://www.dashcentral.org/p/dash-wallet-android-maintenance-support1 Here, we will post the monthly reports concerning the work being done. April 2017 Downloads and...
  39. mastermined

    Hash Engineering Wallet Review

    The Dash wallet by Hash Engineering is a Dash-only wallet funded by the Dash treasury. It shows up as "Dash Wallet" in the Play Store. Features The wallet has standard send and receive features, including an address book with a copy/paste address feature (but no manual entry), as well as a...
  40. dashakti

    QT Wallet link page

    Under the "What Wallet and How to use it ?!" section, the link to the QTWallet goes to the following page: "Page Not Found The page you were trying to reach could not be found: it may have been renamed or moved to another space, or the name you requested may be incomplete." Looks like the...