wallet back-up restore

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    "wallet.dat file corrupt, salvage failed" Problems . . . [SOLVED]

    Dear DASH 'ers - My first post here after my first ever crypto purchase yesterday: Problems! ( problems, problems...!!! ) . . . Using the DASH Core Wallet - Mac OS X 10.10.3 - Wallet Encrypted - Purchased the DASH from a broker via Bittylicious Exchange. I used a receiving address from my...
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    Old Darkcoin-QT wallet recovery

    Hi all I've been with you since the very beginning, when I wanted to open a masternode but never got round to it. I now have an old Darkcoin-QT wallet that I need to restore in Dash Core, but I'm not sure how to do so. I'm also pretty sure the wallet was encrypted. I've tried transferring it in...
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    help needed with dash wallet distress

    Hello, I had an older version of the dash core wallet running, but it kept loading the block index forever (intro screen). It has been running for over a week without change. I stopped it and started again but no change. Now I downloaded the latest version today but it "thinks" it is the first...