1. xkcd

    DELETE Signal - What and How?

    Recently, MNOwatch became aware of some MNOs casting so called delete signals for some proposals. This is an obscure signal that we believe may cause a proposal to be outright deleted if enough votes are mustered. You can take a look at the reports eg...
  2. ec1warc1

    Voting with Dash, a quick guide for Dip003 Masternodes

    So, you updated your masternode(s) to Dip003, but you don’t know how to vote? It’s easy! Here is how: Get the ProTX Hash from your DashCore wallet. From the Masternodes tab, alt-click the masternode Address and copy the ProTx Hash Open the debug console: Using that hash, get the address...
  3. N


  4. Helper Dash

    2 Days Voting Left - Anomalies Found

    Hello, Can someone help please? Does anyone know why Feedbands AND Ben Swann would both become unfunded in a 20-minute period about an hour ago? Their votes keep dropping by 55+ and 35+ respectively. Plus, their projects and a couple others show the deadline for voting has passed when THERE...
  5. B

    e-Voting System backed by BLOCKCHAIN TECHNOLOGY

    It is not a new phenomenon that democratic processes world over are becoming increasingly susceptible to all forms of attack from cyber attacks and other forms of malpractices aimed at skewing a supposed reliable and open process. However, the consequences of electoral compromises have meted out...
  6. B

    Online Voting with MAXIMUM SECURITY guaranteed at last

    After a thorough study, I was quite convinced that this particular tech process (e-voting hinged on blockchain technology as backbone) was going to be the hope of future elections because it promises absolute security, immutability and voter anonymity guaranteed by some kind of transparent...
  7. TheCryptoGrandpa

    Masternodes and how they receive new proposals...?

    Good day everyone, Please ca you help... the masternodes instantly receive all the proposals? Or as part of my own marketing should I seek them out when I make my proposal? Thank you Christopher
  8. abob54

    Proposal: - Taking Dash to #1

    Hello fellow MNO's - After a couple months of discovery and development, we are ready to launch, a site which aims to vastly increase the benefit Dash derives from its treasury fund. The treasury system is Dash's engine for growth that will give it the power to blast to #1...
  9. Kevin Stalker

    Please vote with 1mn

    I find that even after I have voted with all 3 masternodes, Dash Central still shows "Pleas vote with 1mn" against all the budget proposals. When click the link all three masternodes show with a vote against them. This have been happening for ages. I have only recently bought my second and third...
  10. Acedian

    4400+ MN only about 1500 bother to vote.

    How can we encourage MNO to read and vote on proposals? If there is a sensible proposal that doesn't pass there is often little feed back as to why people voted No or didn't vote at all. Only a handful of MNO leave comments. Should the number of required Yes votes be reduced to encourage more...
  11. E

    (Preproposal) The Library

    Introduction This proposal would hasten world wide adoption of Dash by providing massive redundancy and access to basic information, as is the basic right of all humans according to the United Nations. To understand the correlation of freedom to access basic information and the mass adoption...
  12. stellabelle

    New Article With Tips on How To Submit A Proposal To Dash Network

    Here's an article I wrote to help people learn how to submit a proposal to Dash:
  13. K

    More power to the rich?

    I am new to Dash and at this early stage, very excited about the project. So excited even, that I exchanged half of my bitcoin to Dash. To a great extend, thanks to the great work of Amanda and her DASH: Detailed videos. Very informative. However I am curious as to what the community's...
  14. cibrigue

    Masternode shares and voting rights

    I've first heard about masternode shares in an interview with Evan Duffield on Dash:Detailed. My impression was that what Evan said is the planned behavior, it's still in the workings so things might have changed already since last November when the interview was. So, if I understand it...