voting deadline

  1. xkcd

    Function to Print Voting Deadline and Superblock time

    This guide will show you how to add a function to your shell that will print the time to the voting deadline for treasury funds and the time til the creation of the next Superblock. Prerequisites You need a running dashd that is synced to the blockchain. You also need dash-cli in your PATH...
  2. Joney Castellanos

    Voting deadline for Dash Boost supports our proposal

    We are facing great challenges Dash communities in Venezuela, from Dash_Maracaibo we are committed to adoption and we know that our weaknesses are in the lack of promotion of the events that we have carried out successfully. For this we leave you a brief account of what we have done and what we...
  3. Helper Dash

    Calling All Masternodes - Your Urgent Attention, Please!

    Hello All, :) There is less than 24-hours left of voting on this month's projects and I wanted you to have some information for your consideration when voting in these final hours. One of my professional occupations is as a Financial Manager in the USA. I also have public relations...