1. mineria virtual


    DASH TRADING CLUB PRE AND BUDGET PROPOSAL CURRENT STATUS AND INVESTMENTS Minería Virtual has been building a cryptocurrency community for two years. We have spent time and resources teaching people about this market in both the mining and trading areas. This cryptocurrency community built...
  2. Juan Baró

    Hi! am DASHMAN! criptoHero for informative and educational comics and videos

    Hi. am working in a comic about the crypto world but is a lot of work time and resources of my team, i need help to grow the idea and make it posible. I know that this revolution is for the young people, my heroe was Goku, then other generation takes Naruto and other tha actual cartoons, now we...
  3. Wilmar Toro

    La adopción comercial de Dash en Venezuela ocupa la primera posición, superando a los Estados Unidos

    La adopción comercial de Dash en Venezuela ocupa la primera posición, superando a los Estados Unidos La adopción comercial de Dash ha experimentado un aumento significativo en Venezuela, sobrepasando a los Estados Unidos como el principal destino para el comercio de Dash. Al momento de...
  4. Juan Baró

    Venezuela: Articulo de Opinión CEO y fundador de @DASHLARAVZLA y @DASHALICANTEESP

    Aquí les dejo mi artículo de opinión que empezará a rodar por los medios luego. Les doy la exclusiva y nombro a DASH y lo que se ha hecho y luego de leer todo contesten a la pregunta de la encuesta. Saludos ¡ABAJO CADENAS! : El PSUV prostituyo a Bolívar y fracasó con el PETRO, nos robaron la...
  5. pedro sandoval

    Sunset Roll powered by Dash

    Sunset Roll powered by Dash Summary Sunset Roll powered by Dash is a proposal that unites all members of the Dash Venezuela Community, with the joint goal of organizing Dash as a respectable institution and enhancing it as a brand by merging it with the most popular music festival in the...
  6. Edwar Vidarte

    Comunidad DashPlc - Venezuela

    Dash PLC - Venezuela Hola a todos los miembros de la comunidad de Dash. Por esta vía podrán estar al tanto de todas nuestras iniciativas, actividades y proyectos como Dash PLC Me gustaría hablarles un poco de nosotros. Somos la comunidad pionera de Dash en el oriente de Venezuela (estado...
  7. algodon.franelas

    DASH Venezuela

    DASH VENEZUELA We are a group of entrepreneurs in love with the particularities of DASH - Digital Cash, and because the Dash Community believed in our project, today we aspire to be part of the solution of the challenging reality of our country. With a focus on generating win-win initiatives...
  8. rafa

    [UPDATE] Colibit: Enabling free market for DASH/VEF in Venezuela

    Dear Dash Community. This post is intended to keep month to month updates about our progress adding dash into our platform. Please, find above pre-proposal and proposal link for more information about: Pre-Proposal...
  9. Dashmaximalist

    Maduro in his selfishness is triggering a golden era for cryptocurrencies in Venezuela

    if you have not know this news , Maduro the president of Venezuela has declared petro to be used across various govt backed industries in Venezuela , along with this hes also said any cryptocurrencies to be usable across private businesses, this is an absolute game changer even bigger than what...
  10. B

    Idea for Venezuela remittances help

    Hi I'm currently traveling across South America, visiting friends from time to time. I met lots of Venezuelans who moved and are working abroad. One thing came to my mind when I talked with them about sending money back to Venezuela to help their families. They do it just by sending cash...
  11. José Da Silva

    Botón de pago en Prestashop

    Amigos, Soy cofundador de una tienda en línea y me gustaría aceptar pagos en DASH. La tienda es y fue desarrollada en Prestashop, la pregunta que tengo es: Cual pasarela de pagos me recomiendan para aceptar DASH en nuestra tienda? Atento a sus recomendaciones.
  12. Dashmaximalist

    America's biggest remittance corridor changed its flag and its a massive opportunity for dash

    Mexico used to be one of the biggest remittance corridor in the Americas, venezuela has just taken over that. In the last 5 years or so some 8 million venezuelans have left the country owing for economic crisis and this number is increasing every day. The really interesting info is not even...
  13. Koromoto

    Proposal: Help Venezuela digitize its economy

    We all know Venezuela is facing one of the worst economic catastrophes the world has ever seen which is slowing down productivity to levels of emergency and humanitarian crisis. We need to protect our currency in order to build trust again and to enable the digital economy to flourish. Right now...
  14. rafa

    Pre-proposal – Add Dash for trading in Colibit (Cryptocurrency Exchange in Venezuela)

    A Proposal to add Dash into Colibit Crytocurrency Exchange in Venezuela, enabling the exchange of Dash and Bolivars (VEF). Colibit Company Overview Colibit is a cryptocurrency exchange located in Venezuela, working with the pair BTC/VEF. Colibit was lauched in June 15th of 2017. Since that...
  15. mastermined

    New Dash Venezuela Conference Draws Over 350 Attendees

    A reprisal of the first Dash conference in Venezuela drew over 350 attendees. Late this summer, the Dash network voted to fund a series of educational conferences in Venezuela, headed up by Dash Caracas. A recent conference, a repeat of the first in the series, drew hundreds of people...
  16. mastermined

    Dash Conference in Venezuela Draws Over Double Projected Attendees

    The first in a series of Dash conferences in Venezuela received over double the expected attendees, as over a thousand have registered for the rest of the conferences. This year, a series of 12 conferences in Venezuela was funded by the masternode network, scheduled to take place every month in...
  17. mastermined

    Free Dash Conferences in Venezuela to Begin in September

    A series of free Dash-themed conferences is set to begin in Venezuela, starting in September. These conferences are intended to be beginner’s conferences, introducing new users to Dash, a cryptocurrency of which very few in Venezuela are aware. The first of 12 monthly conferences will be held...
  18. mastermined

    Dash’s Adoption Progress in Africa and Venezuela

    While most of the cryptocurrency field in the first world chases the newest tech, ICO, or other hype of the day, residents of other regions may not have the disposable income for simple speculation. Different variables apply more heavily, for example transaction fees and real world use as a...
  19. mastermined

    Eugenia Alcalá Sucre on Dash’s Adoption Challenges in Venezuela

    Venezuela is currently undergoing civil and economic turmoil, including a recent controversial election. Notably, the value of the bolivar has devalued to the point where World of Warcraft gold is worth more. Despite (or because of) this, there is a small but committed cryptocurrency scene in...
  20. algodon.franelas

    In Spanish, article about DASH Caracas

    Article about DASH Caracas
  21. TaoOfSatoshi

    CATV | Crisis In Venezuela: How Dash Could Help

    CATV | Crisis In Venezuela: How Dash Could Help #CashAlternative #DashNation
  22. algodon.franelas

    DASH Caracas

    Hola a todos :) Les invito a visitar los canales de comunicación de DASH Caracas, recién estrenados y preparándonos para nuestros primeros encuentros y conferencias. Facebook: Twitter: Instagram...
  23. algodon.franelas

    Pre-proposal: Dash conference - Venezuela

    SEPTEMBER 2017 Dash conference - Venezuela Description and Goal Statement: Cryptocurrencies in general and Dash in particular are not widely known, nevertheless used in Venezuela, even though people in this country would for sure benefit from this, given the exchange control, the...