1. Z

    Proposal submission time

    Hello everyone, I have a simple question. According to dash docs for submitting a successful proposal, "Disapproval occurs when no votes minus yes votes equals 10% or more of the total available votes". My question is, when does this calculation gets done? Is it before the payment date is due...
  2. TaoOfSatoshi

    Thank You Tungfa

    I don't know how you screwed it up, but thanks for the time you spent organizing the media section. It's great that we have articles, podcasts and videos separated for ease of searching. Thank you for implementing that idea. Tao.
  3. amanda_b_johnson

    A Call for tungfa to Heed the Masternodes' Vote

    Hello, everyone. Thanks for reading. I write today to express to you that I've happened upon a new challenge in this grand voting system of ours: What if the masternode network votes that one of its employees ought to perform a certain action, but that employee then refuses to do so? As you...