1. R

    Restarting your MN whiteout access to Trezor

    Hi, my MN stopped running because of the missing update. Now I updated everything with Dashman to, but it looks like I have to start the MN with DMT. The problem is I´m traveling and have no access to my Trezor with the collateral on it. Is there another change to make the MN run...
  2. Townsend

    Trezor to Exodus Wallet (LOST 13 dash??!!)

    This morning I sent 0.5 dash from my Trezor to my Exodus wallet. I then used Exodus' Exchange feature (Shapshift) to convert to ETH. After this I noticed my Dash balance was 13.5 Dash less than before the transaction. Here's the Dash Transaction in question...
  3. Reuben

    My Trezor will not load! Aarghh!

    I am so very tired of this! I am a regular guy who makes his living offline. In other words, I am not a programmer, nor do I understand or know how to force my Device Manager to reset my Trezor. Essentially, I have not been on my Trezor for a few months. I recently made a small purchase of...
  4. stellabelle

    New Guide About Adding Dash to Trezor For Newbies

    Last week I was sort of going out of my mind trying to find information about how to add Dash to my Trezor hardware wallet. For those who are not familiar with Trezor, it’s basically an offline wallet that stores your Bitcoins. A hardware wallet means that it’s not kept on a website, server or...
  5. V

    multiple masternode trezor

    Hi guys I've got multiple masternodes can i use 1 trezor to start them all and store all private keys or do i need 1 Trezor per masternode?
  6. Acedian

    Hardware wallets in Europe.

    Does anyone know the best place to buy a hardware wallet, Trezor, KeepKey, etc, in Europe?
  7. Dash4Ever

    Pre-proposal: Trezor HW protective case!

    Hello all Dash members and guest readers! Since the first day I got my hands on my Trezor I felt that it was something that was missing. That's right, a cover for my trezor since it's so thin and fragile. Pretty much every one has it on the cellphones right?!? Since I own a 3D-Printer and know...