1. strophy

    Dash in your language: 2018 Translation Push!

    Hi Dashers! Many of you know me from my work on the Dash Documentation (introduction video here) - now that migration to the new site is complete, I have also taken on a translation coordination role at Dash Core. We can now offer automated translation integration and build processes for the...
  2. OmerFarukBatan

    Translate: English > Turkish, Turkish > English

    Hello there, As a bilingual, I could translate docs, videos, websites, basically anything (you name it) from English to Turkish, and vice versa. If I could be of any assistance please let me know. Thank you.
  3. carlomile2

    Recruitment d'un blogger natif francais.

    Salut a tous, Dans notre prochain projet nous cherchons á recruter un bloggeur qui soit de nationalité francaise et qui a une exellente niveau d'anglais. Il assurera la traduction des articles chaque jour. Traduction professionelle. Si vous possedez deja un blog c'est un atout. J'attends...
  4. stellabelle

    Anyone Interested in Translating Dash Art Contest in Spanish? I can pay .2 Dash

    Hi, Since it seems that most of the people on our Dash For Newbies Facebook page are from Venezuela, I need help with translating the Art Contest in Spanish. I can pay .2 Dash for this. Here's the article I need translated...
  5. stellabelle

    日本語翻訳者 Wanted For ART CONTEST Translation

    Can you translate the Dash Art Contest into Japanese? I can pay .2 Dash for a translation. Here's the Art Contest details to translate: Message me if interested. Thank you! どうもありがとうございました Stella ps-...
  6. stellabelle

    Any Japanese Speakers Here Who Could Translate Dash Art Contest?

    Just wanting to get my Art Contest translated into Japanese.... I can pay .2 Dash for a translation. Here's the Contest details to translate: Thank you! Stella
  7. stellabelle

    Translators Needed For Dash Art Contest: I Will Pay .2 Dash

    Hi, I need help translating this art contest into as many languages as possible! I can pay for each translation, so I am willing to give .2 Dash for each language. After you translate it, can you send me the translation? You can email me at: Anyone interested in...
  8. 5

    Internationalising Confluence Plugins for wiki

    Please, who can add "Internationalising Confluence Plugins" to atlassian dash wiki? We want to make translation into russian. But now, when languages are separated by spaces it is hard to make paged translation. And sorry for poor english. I am not a translator ;)
  9. amanda_b_johnson

    Proposal: Real Mandarin & Cantonese Translations for DASH: Detailed

    Hello, masternode owner. We’ve thus far been approved to receive funding for Spanish and Russian subtitle translators, and we’ll begin publishing those this week (Dec 7). You can expect to see the translated subtitles available within 48 hours of each Wednesday’s video going live. I’ve been...