1. N

    Transaction never ends

    Buy and ship the 3-day 0.82 Dash to my wallet and have not arrived yet. Please check what is happening and help me solve this problem. hash 2778d8abd1166901be37e742b2387e862fc22f501135a273139ab35bbfd6a435 Thank you for your attention.
  2. M

    Transaction not working using insight-api-dash

    Hello I am new to Dash and implementing transaction functionality where the user can send dash from one address to another address. As a developer i am using insight-api-dash api for it. I am unable to perform this task as i am very new to this dash. Please help me out . It will be great help...
  3. C

    Made a Rookie Mistake: Asking for Help

    Hi Dash Community, I got excited to buy Dash last week and I was so hasty that I hadn't set up a Dash Wallet before using Changelly to convert it into Dash. I foolishly used Dash Paper Wallet, believing this would create a Wallet for me. The service doesn't actually set up a wallet for users...
  4. J

    EVOLUTION SUGGESTION: Twin wallet account for transaction fees

    Hi, I would like to suggest the developers a feature for the new Evolution which can make the difference between any other criptocurrency. Abstract: Do you remember some years ago, the standard banking charged everyone fees for wire transfers. If you wanted to pay 50 € you endup paying 50.50 €...
  5. ec1warc1

    The costs to use Dash

    I came to the realization today that an instant send costs USD $0.40, which seems rather high if we want to attract users. A basic transaction from the core wallet using the "recommended" setting now costs USD $0.08. Furthermore, the cost to submit a proposal is now $500. Is that right? The...